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Giant leap in Keuzegids Universiteiten

A giant leap has been taken by the University of Twente in the most recent edition of the annual Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide. The UT has improved its average score for all twenty bachelor programmes from 60 to 67 points (on a scale from 1 to 100). The improved score pushes the University of Twente to a third spot in the ranking of Dutch universities, just below WUR and Open Universiteit.

Four bachelor programmes were granted the seal ‘Top rated programme’ (Topopleiding), which is awarded to all programmes with a score of 75 points or higher: Applied Physics (92 points), Chemical Engineering (80), Technical Computer Science (78) and the honours level bachelor programme in Technology and Liberal Arts (ATLAS) of University College Twente (84).

Overall improvement

The University of Twente presents an impressive overview.

  • The UT has been granted the quality seal ‘Best Technical University’ for the highest total score of all technical universities in the country.
  • Thirteen bachelor programmes have improved their score compared to last year.
  • Fifteen rank first place in their specific subject field.
  • The average increase of seven points is unrivalled, as the Dutch universities together improved by just half a point on average.

Most eye-catching climber is the bachelor programme in Communication Science, with an 18 points improvement. The programme is now the best ranked programme in communication science in the Netherlands, with 74 points. Other remarkable improvement has been noted for European Public Administration, Psychology and Technical Computer Science. All made an improvement of 16 points compared to last year.

Thom Palstra, Rector Magnificus
“The excellent scores reflect the pride of students and staff on their education. It shows that the tremendous effort of our staff members pays off in results that are noticed and appreciated by our students. Over the last year, the bachelor programmes have been working hard on improving their work with suggestions, remarks and criticism from their students. The result is there. The staff members have gained better control over their achievements and used that to improve student appreciation. We are ready to continue the successful pathway we have taken in the unique Twente Education Model.”

Top rated programmes

For Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering, it is the sixth time in a row that the Top rated programme seal has been granted. The score of 92 for Applied Physics means an eight position of all bachelor programmes in the Netherlands.

“In this result, we see the reflection of years of dedication to optimizing the education, streamlining educational paths and matching the curriculum as a whole to the wishes, demands and capacities of our students”, Stefan Kooij, programme director for Applied Physics, stated. “The views and opinions of our students find their way in the optimization process in various ways. In this way, we create education for, by and with students. The summary of the Keuzegids is striking: ‘The University of Twente has a true star with Applied Physics, one of the best appreciated programmes at the Dutch universities. The programme receives compliments by their students on all rated aspects.”

Ben Betlem, programme director for Chemical Engineering: “The most important factor in the success of our bachelor programme in all those years is community building. We team up with students as well as teaching and support staff. Also, we may not forget to mention the study association. They have played a major role in connecting the different student generations and in preparing students for their professional career. I can conclude that teaching staff and students show their loyalty to the study programme. Other important factors are the study advice and quality control. Quality control has enabled student participation, leading to a solid implementation of the Twente Education Model.”

For University College Twente, it is the third time in a row that their programme has been granted the Top rated programme seal. Ans Netjes, programme director: "Our ATLAS (Technology, Liberal Arts & Sciences) programme is unique in that way that students have the freedom to follow their interests and develop themselves. Besides the help that they receive from teaching staff, it requires a lot of self-responsibility. It is a pleasure to see in the Keuzegids that the students appreciate this positively. ATLAS is a true experiment: a unique university college with a unique set-up, centered around technology. The perceived satisfaction of our students and the quality of teaching staff, proves us that we are on the right way."

Technical Computer Science presents a 16 point increase, one of the highest, leading to the Top rated programme seal with 78 points. Programme director Geert Heijenk on the improvement of the bachelor programme: “We have managed to retain the strengths of a small programme with direct and frequent contact between staff and students, while increasing significantly in the number of students. The influx has doubled compared to last year. I’m proud of our development into a qualitative strong international programme.”

Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide

In the Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide, all bachelor programmes offered at the Dutch universities are rated. The scores are based on data from the National Student Survey, reports of the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and other national educational statistics. For more information visit the website of the Keuzegids Universiteiten (in Dutch).

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