Information for managers

As a manager, you have responsibility not just for your own development, but also for that of your employees and your team as a whole.

Discussing individual development

Discussing development can take place in any regular conversation, at the initiative of either party. Relevant questions are: What qualities does an employee have that could be better used? What aspects can an employee develop in order to improve his or her performance? What are the long-term aims with regard to his or her development? What would be a good next step from an employee’s current position, at UT or elsewhere?

As a manager, you are one of the most important discussion partners when it comes to personal development. You have a clear idea of your employees’ performance and qualities and you can provide them with valuable feedback. In addition, you are in a position to encourage and facilitate their development. Employees themselves are in control of their own development and careers. For professional support with personal development and career-related questions, you can refer your employees to the Career Development Centre. They can use the centre for an obligation-free interview and get advice on relevant steps to take and activities.

Team Development

As well as the development of individual employees, you are responsible for the development of your team as a whole. Possible questions are: What professionalisation is needed now that our services are changing? How can we make the team work together more effectively? What aspects need to be developed following the reorganisation? You can contact the Career Development Centre for custom-made advice.


A good time to discuss personal development is during the annual performance appraisal. During the interviews, you look not just at each employee’s performance, but also at how they wish to develop in both the short and long term.

If, as a manager, you need broader-based feedback on the development of your employees’ competencies, then you have the option of using a 360-degree feedback instrument. This digital feedback instrument can be used by employees to ask the people he or she works with for feedback on pre-agreed competencies. The competencies in question could relate to the employee’s present university-job profile or those that belong to a possible next step.

For assistance in conducting a development-based annual or other interview, you can always ask your HR advisor. Online information about annual performance appraisals on the HR website is also available.