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Webinar "Manager of Virtual Teams"


How do you guide a team towards job satisfaction, first-class cooperation and excellent results if you can only manage your team members virtually? Before the pandemic, the conventional wisdom was that offices and on-site managers were crucial to culture, productivity and results. Due to Covid-19, we suddenly had to change things. Teams went virtual, and it was noteworthy how quickly and effectively teams applied technologies for video conferencing and other forms of digital collaboration. According to research by McKinsey, 80 percent of employees no longer want to return to the office every day after Covid-19. Similar results were found in our own UT employee well-being under covid-19 research, were over 65% of respondents indicated that they would like to continue working more from home, even after the pandemic has ended. They would like to combine working on campus with working at home.

This super-fast turnaround is also a major change for managers and team leaders and in many cases it went well. But now that it seems more permanent, many managers and team leaders are looking for guidance as a leader. Some of those questions are: How do you give virtual personal attention? How do you get people to work together? Which signals from your team do you need to take immediate action on? How do you guide low achievers or employees with less motivation in a virtual team?

In recent weeks, many organizations request training courses and webinars about Inclusion in virtual teams, so Esther decided to develop this training. This online training in 2 parts helps managers and team leaders to shape their virtual teams competently and effectively. The training offers you the opportunity to reflect on your role as a virtual manager so that your employees enjoy working in the new reality, working together with their colleagues and achieving the goals of the team.

The two online training sessions of 1.5 hours each have the following topics:

  1. Giving direction in a virtual team: How do you give focus, clarity and organize agility in your team? Practical tools to set up the basis for your virtual team.
  2. Virtual collaboration: How do you pay attention, organize job satisfaction and do you coach online? How do you deal with differences?

In this training Esther combines High Performance Organization and Inclusion insights. She has translated this for you into the new, virtual situation and makes the content very concrete and transparent for managers and team leaders.

You learn to see what each team member needs from you to perform optimally with special attention to young talent, newcomers and high and low achievers in your team.

Becoming a virtual HPO team starts with you as the leader of your team standing firmly so that you can give attention and speed to your team to go for results together.



You will learn, practice and experience in 2 fun and challenging online training courses of 1.5 hours each. You return with a suitcase full of new insights and short exercises to work decisively with your team for an even better result together.

What are we going to discuss and practice, among other things? 

  • Why you should pay even more attention to focus and vision for your team and how you do that;
  • How feeling safe works in a team, also in these online times and how that can stimulate as a leader;
  • How you as a manager can best respond to uncertainty among team members;
  • How you ensure connection in the team;
  • How you can respond to the different needs of team members with special attention to young talents, newcomers, high and low achievers;
  • How often is contact with your team members necessary and what do you discuss?
  • How to make a team a bit more inclusive and stronger every day, even if you only work online together.

Between the training moments, the participants complete short self-reflection assignments and practice their new skills in their virtual team. After this training, the training group can continue as a virtual intervision team to continue to help and stimulate each other.

  • Programme is for

    Managers and teamleaders

  • Date

    Note: this training consists of two sessions

    Online English:

    Part 1: 15 April 2021 from 15.00-16.30

    Part 2:  22 April 2021 from 15.00-16.30

  • Time

    1,5 hours

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  • Trainers

    Esther Mollema

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Webinar "Manager of Virtual Teams"
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