Business travel

Advance mission expenses

If you expect to spend more than € 200 on travel and accommodation, you can apply for an advance. Use the advanced payment request web application to do so.

Travel expenses claim

If you have incurred expenses during a business trip and these expenses are eligible for reimbursement, you can submit an expense statement afterwards. Normally, reimbursement is given on the basis of original invoices. If the dean or director is of the opinion that, considering the circumstances, you cannot be reasonably expected to submit proof, they may decide that a written statement of the expenses incurred suffices.

For certain countries, the UT uses a different reimbursement scheme. If you go on a business trip to one of these countries, you are entitled to a standard travel allowance for expenses incurred during the business trip. This reimbursement excludes expenses for overnight stay. The latter expenses will, just like with trips to all other countries, only be reimbursed upon submission of the original invoices.

Please note: the dean may decide that claiming standard travel allowance is not allowed for a specific trip because of subsidy regulations. In such case, the regular reimbursement scheme applies and the UT only reimburses the expenses you can prove to have incurred.

You can claim travel expenses up to three month upon return from a trip. After these three months, the right to receive an allowance for expenses incurred lapses.

Travel and accommodation expenses incurred on trips within the Netherlands can be claimed through the 'Travel expenses within the Netherlands' web application. To claim expenses incurred on trips outside of the Netherlands, use the 'Travel expenses outside the Netherlands and miscellaneous expenses' web application. Both web applications can be found under 'My UT Applications'.