• Instruction card administration

    In the administrator section in your Mijn NS Zakelijk account you can manage view transactions, view and change card details, and book trips.


    • Before their business travel, employees pick up the card at the administrator.
    • The administrator makes sure the employee fills out the register before they receive a card.
    • This information includes OFI number, travel details, date of pick up, and the employees signature
    • After the journey the administrator collects the card and signs the register upon receiving the card
    • Afterwards the administrator checks if the standard OFI number needs to be changed and an alternative OFI number needs to be added as kenmerk


    In most cases the administration for the department card will fall to the secretariat or office. Department cards are added to the administrator section of your Mijn NS Zakelijk account by the UT administrator/contact.


    In case you don’t have a Mijn NS Zakelijk account, you can create one by going to www.ns.nl/mijnnszakelijk (and following the instructions on screen). The UT contact/administrator can add the department cards to your account, under the administrator section.



    When an OFI number (NS calls this “kenmerk”) needs to be changed, go to kenmerk aan reis toevoegen in your account. This gives you an overview of all transactions (“transacties”). Two days after a trip it is possible to view a transaction and alter an OFI number.

    The next invoice (.csv) will show all characteristics. There is also an option to add a label (either personal, commuter or business) as a characteristic to a transaction. For a department card this is not necessary as it will always be business travel.

    On your home screen there are also buttons for Taxi, Greenwheels and Fyra. These are options employees aren’t allowed to use (apart from the taxi services, permitted after approval upfront).


    After a trip you have the option to change the OFI number via the transaction overview in Mijn NS Zakelijk. To do this, go to Kenmerk aan reis toevoegen on you home screen. Select a card to view all transactions made on the card. Note: for train trips it takes two days for transactions to be added to the overview. To add an OFI number, go to a specific transaction and select kenmerk toevoegen , enter the new OFI number (only numbers) and save (opslaan).


    If you encounter problems with creating an account or booking a trip, you can contact NS Customer Service directly: phone +31(0) 30-300 11 11 or e-mail  nszakelijk@ns.nl.

    You can also contact your unit’s contact person or the UT contact.

  • Department card: How to

    The Department Card is for business travel by public transport only

    Note: The department card is NOT to be used for personal purpose and/or commuter travel.

    Before you use the card, read the terms of use


    Go to your card administrator at least one day before you have to travel by train (usually your office/ secretariat ). If you don’t know where you can to pick up a card, go to the contact of your unit.

    Fill out and sign the register to get a department card. Make sure you enter the right OFI number. After your trip hand the card back to the card administrator as soon as possible.


    The NS-BC can be used in trains, busses, metro and trams by checking in and out.


    • Make sure to always check in and out. If you forgot to check out, go back to a train station (on the same day) and check out.
    • Always inform your card administrator in case the OFI number needs to be altered. When needed the card administrator has the option to change the number afterwards.


    More information on how to travel with the NS-BC can be found on the NS website.

    If your card has a defect, is stolen or you need a new one? Contact the contact your unit’s contact person.

    For questions on how to travel with the NS-BC, you need to contact the NS directly: phone +31 (0)30 300 11 11 or e-mail: nszakelijk@ns.nl.

    For questions on the distribution or in case of theft/loss contact your unit’s contact person.

  • Additional Services


    Not Allowed:

    • Train
    • NS Bicycle parking
    • Bus, tram, metro

    Free with NS-BC:

    • NS Hispeed Lounge
    • Taxi (only with permission)
    • Q-park (only with permission), park&ride
    • Bicycle rental and NS Scooter
    • Greenwheels

    * Only when used for business travel

    Bicycle parking

    With your card you can park your bike at 36 NS Bicycle parkings. After you have had your NS-Business Card scanned in and a barcode has been affixed to your bicycle, you can put it in the supervised storage area.

    NS Stations with parking facilities accessible with your NS-BC

    Alkmaar, Alphen a/d Rijn, Amersfoort, Amsterdam Centraal (2 stallingen), Arnhem, Assen, Breda, Delft, Den Haag Centraal, Den Haag HS, Dordrecht, Ede Wageningen Zuidzijde, Eindhoven (2 stallingen), Gouda Noordzijde, Haarlem, 's-Hertogenbosch, Hilversum, Hoorn, Leeuwarden, Leiden (2 stallingen), Maastricht, Meppel, Nijmegen, Roermond, Rotterdam Centraal (2 stallingen), Tilburg, Utrecht (Oost- en Westzijde), Venlo, Weesp, Woerden, Zwolle.

    Pilot parking at Station Enschede

    In Enschede it should be possible to park and retrieve your bike using your NS-BC during opening hours.

    More information (in Dutch) on the Website NS Fiets.

    NS Hispeed Lounge

    You have free access to the lounges at Amsterdam Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal, Schiphol and Breda stations.


    When you hold your NS-Business Card Dal up to the card reader as you drive in or out, the barrier will open. In Gouda and Sittard, you receive a ticket that you can pay for at the car park ticket machine using your NS-Business Card. Note that you are only allowed to use these services if you have permission from your manager.


    If you want to use the taxi services you this has to be pre-approved by your manager.

    Booking a taxi from the station using your NS-Business Card is very easy. There is no need for you any longer to pay it first, keep the receipts and then declare the expenses. Your taxi trip can be booked online by logging in using your card number and PIN code via Mijn NS Zakelijk. If you book a taxi trip using a departmental card, please also state your name in the comments field. You can also book by telephone no later than half an hour beforehand via 0900 204 2000 (€0.10 per minute).


    • The taxi will wait for 5 minutes at the agreed upon spot
    • A (train)taxi to the station can be booked online or by phone no later than half an hour beforehand. A taxi at the station can only be booked through the taxi stand on the spot.
    • You need permission from your manager to use the taxi service.

    Greenwheels car service

    It is NOT ALLOWED to use the Greenwheels car service. Munsterhuis is the preferred car rental for the UT.

    OV bicycle and NS Scooter

    Using the OV bicycle or scooter with your NS-BC is NOT ALLOWED.