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Business travel

Commuter traffic

When you are required to travel in or outside the Netherlands for your position, this qualifies as a business trip. Commuter traffic, travel on campus and travel between campus and the ITC are not considered business trips by the UT. Temporary employment elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad does not qualify as a business trip.


A business trip is undertaken in consultation with the budget holder. If your business trip has been approved, the UT will pay for the necessary costs for travel and accommodation. More information on the conditions to be met is available in the Regulations on declaring expenses University of Twente.

Domestic business travel

Where possible, domestic business travel is to be done by public transport. for this travel you will use a NS Business Card of the UT. If travelling by public transport is not possible or practical, your manager can grant you permission to travel by car. In that case, you will be entitled to a tax-exempt allowance of €0.19 per kilometre. If you travel with one or more colleagues per car, only the person whose car is being used has the right to this reimbursement.

International business travel

To book airplane tickets for work-related travel, go to the UT’s business travel agency, VCK Travel.

Booking a flight

Standard flights can be booked by the secretary's office of your faculty or service department. This is done via AirGo, VCK Travel’s online booking tool. You can also use AirGo to book a hotel, using your own credit card. International train journeys can be booked by logging in to your ‘Mijn NS Zakelijk’ account of your own NS Business Card.

For complex business travel arrangements, such as combination trips, group travel and special destinations, or to adjust previously made travel arrangements, get in touch with the UT’s Travel Unit.

The Travel Unit will also gladly assist you if your secretary's office is unavailable, if you are having difficulties using AirGo to make hotel reservations, or if you wish to book a train journey that cannot be booked using your ‘Mijn NS Zakelijk’ account. The Travel Unit can also provide advice regarding visa applications.

For urgent matters outside office hours, VCK Travel can be reached at +31 (0)74 3771 188. Standard rates apply.

Apply for the UT's collective travel insurance

If you will be taking an international business trip, make sure to apply for the UT's collective travel insurance in a timely manner. To do so, use the 'International registration and travel insurance' web application.

Working abroad for longer periods

If you work abroad for a longer period (more than 10 weeks), this is not seen as a business trip, but as "employment abroad". In addition to registering for collective travel insurance, it is important that you arrange a number of matters, including in the field of social security and health insurance. Therefore please go to the web application "outgoing staff".

Practical information

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