Scans & Assesments

Scans & Assesments

Capacity and ambition scan

For whom?

UT employees who would like more insight into their own abilities, ambitions and career opportunities.


This scan provides a reliable insight and perspective on one's own abilities, ambitions and (career) opportunities. Participants are supported by a specialized, experienced (career) psychologist.


Participation in the scan takes place through an intake at the CDC. The scan starts with defining the questions to be investigated. To the extent necessary, additional valid tests are used. The implementation of the scan leads to the mapping of the ambitions and talents, and is supported by a report. The advice to each participant is to discuss the report with the manager and/or the HR consultant or CDC adviser, but the participant, as 'owner', always has the final decision.

Duration and time spent

One half day (4 hours) for the implementation and a few hours of preparation time; this is dependent on the questions to be examined and the possible addition of digital questionnaires.


De Wijngaert HR Services, located at Institutenweg 39 (across from the campus).


Career Development Centre HR
Phone: 053-489 8010
Email: Marjolein Rietman

Data 2014

Continuous (by appointment).


There is no charge for the scan. For participation, permission is needed from the immediate manager.

Guidance counselling

Pascal de Wijngaert, experienced psychologist.


At the Career Development Centre, by the HR consultant involved and/or immediate manager.