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My development: introduction

How do I keep developing myself? How to become even more successful in my work? Where to look for support for my development? How to make my desires and ambitions a topic of discussion?

Are you keen on developing your specialty knowledge? Or would you like to work on your personal skills? Various ways are open to you. One of them is participating in one of the many training courses offered by the University of Twente. Another is to engage a mentor or coach. Career guidance helps you to consciously reflect on your desires and ambitions, and to consider what steps to take next. It is important and worthwhile to actively discuss the matter with your manager. Your annual performance appraisal is a good time to broach the subject.

By investing in yourself and your own development, you will be happier in your work and keep progressing.

If you would like to obtain specific advice on the career guidance options on offer or are on the lookout for a customized course for yourself or your team, contact the Career Development Centre.