Within the EEMCS faculty we perform disciplinary research in electrical engineering, mathematics and computer science. 

Synergy between disciplines opens a whole new world of new scientific challenges. We highly value synergy, therefore we stimulate interdisciplinary research. Some examples are creative technology, data science, robotics and imaging. 

To maximise our efforts to have a true impact on society we conduct research across the boundaries of disciplines. At the UT the multidisciplinary research projects come together in our institutes. Three research institutes play an important role in realizing synergy between the faculties: the MESA+ institute for Nanotechnology, the Institute for Medical Technology and the Institute for the Digital Society.

These research institutes form an active connection with society. Principal investigators have an active participation on a national level (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda, Topsectoren) and on an international level, for example by participating in Horizon2020 projects. It is in this context that we are able to contribute to societal challenges.



TCO Technical support for departments

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SmartXP facility

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Ethical Commission

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Applied Analysis (AA)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/sacs/
Email: info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. S.A. van Gils
Secretary:  M. Slotboom-Plekenpol (Mariëlle), L. Wychgel-van Dalm (Linda)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4272, +31-53-489-3372
Room: ZI 3038

Biomedical and Environmental Sensorsystems (BIOS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/bios
Email: secr-bios-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. A. van den Berg
Secretary: H. Knol-de Vries (Hermine)
Telephone: +31-53-489-5653
Room: CR 2247

Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/bss
Email: a.g.h.westhoff@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. P.H. Veltink
Secretary: A.H.G. Westhoff (Sandra)
Telephone: +31-53-489-2760
Room: ZH 226

Computer Architecture for Embedded Systems (CAES)

Website: utwente.nl/ewi/caes
Email: secretariaat-caes-ps-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: dr.ir.A.B.J. Kokkeler 
Secretary: M.J. Weghorst (Marlous)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3770
Room: ZI 5037

Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/dacs
Email: secr-dacs-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. B.R.H.M. Haverkort 
Secretary: J.A. Rebel de Boer 
Telephone: +31-53-489-3899
Room: ZI 5120

Data Science (DS) / Datamanagement & Biometrics (DMB)

Website: www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/ds / www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/dmb  
Email: secretariaat-ds-ewi@utwente.nl / secretariaat-dmb-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: prof.dr.ir. R.N.J. Veldhuis 
Secretary: B.F.J. Scholten-Koop (Bertine)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3776
Room: ZI 4057

Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming (DMMP)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/dmmp
Email: secrdmmp@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. M.J. Uetz
Secretary: J.M. Mulder (Marjo)
Telephone: +31-53-4893433
Room: CI H119

Formal Methods and Tools (FMT)

Website: fmt.ewi.utwente.nl
Email: secr-fmt-ewi@utwente.nl 

Chair: Prof.dr. M. Huisman
Secretary: I.C. Hamer (Ida)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3767
Room: ZI 5049

Human Media Interaction (HMI)

Website: hmi.ewi.utwente.nl
Email: Secretariat HMI

Chair: Prof.dr.D.K.J. Heylen
Secretary: C.G. Bijron (Charlotte), A. Vissers-Schotmeijer (Alice)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3740, +31-53-489-3680
Room: ZI 2047

Hybrid Systems (HS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/sacs
Email: info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Zwart
Secretary:  M.Slotboom-Plekenpol (Mariëlle), L.Wychgel-van Dalm (Linda)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4272, +31-53-489-3372
Room: ZI 3038

Integrated Circuit Design (ICD)

Website: www.utwente.nl/eemcs/icd
Email: icd@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. B. Nauta
Secretary: G. Lammers (Gerdien)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4831
Room: CR 2635

Mathematics of Computational Science (MaCS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/sacs
Email: info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. J.J.W. van der Vegt
Secretary: M. Slotboom-Plekenpol (Mariëlle), L. Wychgel-van Dalm (Linda)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4272, +31-53-489-3372
Room: ZI 3038

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MMS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/sacs
Email: info-sacs-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. B.J. Geurts
Secretary: M. Slotboom-Plekenpol (Mariëlle), L. Wychgel-van Dalm (Linda)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4272, +31-53-489-3372
Room: ZI 3038

Nano Electronics (NE)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/ne
Email: NEsecretary@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. W.G. van der Wiel
Secretary: J. Kuipers-Beld (Judith)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4434
Room: CR 1.427

Pervasive Systems (PS)

Website: ps.ewi.utwente.nl
Email: secretariaat-caes-ps-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. P.J.M. Havinga
Secretary: V.I. Baveld (Nicole)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3633 & +31-53-489-3730
Room: ZI 4029

Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM)

Website: www.ram.ewi.utwente.nl
Email: ram@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. S. Stramigioli, dr.ir. J.F. Broenink 
Secretary: J.M. Boelema-Kaufmann (Jolanda)
Telephone: +31-53-489-2626
Room: CR 3441,CR 3047 

Integrated Devices and Systems (IDS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/ids
Email: secr-ids-eemcs@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. J. Schmitz
Secretary: R. Assink (Remke) and S.K. Janse-Godschalk (Susan) 
Telephone: +31-53-489-3879 and +31-53-489-2735
Room: CR2615 and CR1351

Services and CyberSecurity (SCS)

Website: www.utwente.nl/en/eemcs/scs/
Email: s.e.engbers@utwente.nl

Chair: Dr.ir. M.J. van Sinderen
Secretary: S.E. Engbers (Suse)
Telephone: +31-53-489-4283
Room: ZI2013

Stochastic Operations Research (SOR)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/sor
Email:  t.kamphuis-kuijpers@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr. R.J. Boucherie
Secretary: T. Kamphuis-Kuijpers (Thyra)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3434
Room: CI H142

Telecommunication Engineering (TE)

Website: www.utwente.nl/ewi/te
Email: te-ewi@utwente.nl

Chair: Prof.dr.ir. F.B.J. Leferink 
Secretary: E.M. Hannink (Lilian)
Telephone: +31-53-489-3856
Room: CR 2441