Statistics (STAT) research group

Job openings at our group
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We are currently searching for:
*  2 Postdocs and 1 Phd on "statistical theory for biological neural networks".
    The deadline for application is 29 February 2024
*  1 Assistant/Associate Professor in mathematical statistics or statistical learning
    The deadline for application is 15 March 2024

Data are the basis of our digital society. Despite the abundance of data it is often difficult to retrieve reliable and reproducible conclusions. Statistics is the systematic approach to analyze data. Because of many new applications there is the need to develop new statistical tools together with a sound theoretical anlaysis. 

The research focus of the statistics group is on the development of statistical methodology for new data applications and the theoretical analysis of machine learning methods in particular deep learning.

A list of members of the statistics group can be found here.

If you are enrolled at the University of Twente and interested in writing a bachelor or master thesis in statistics, feel free to directly contact any member of the group.

We also offer statistical consulting. In this case, a detailed problem description is necessary to decide whether the topic falls within the range of expertise of one of the group members.