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The Department Applied Mathematics University of Twente contributes to mathematical development through connection to scientific research at UT institutes.

Key elements in our multidisciplinary collaborations are mathematical abstraction, structuring and generalisation, and the development of mathematical methods for analysis, modelling and simulation.

DAMUT finds a natural clustering in three methodologically oriented departments:

DAMUT finds a natural clustering in three methodologically oriented departements:
Mathematics of Data Science (MDS)

Organized into two groups — Statistics (STAT) and Mathematics of Imaging & AI (MIA), our cluster shares a commitment to excellence in research and education, and our expertise emphasizes a balance among mathematical rigour, scientific value, and industrial relevance. In the era of AI and big data, we are making constant efforts to address fundamental challenges in data science such as uncertainty, bias, predictiveness, and interpretability, and we strive to train the next-generation data scientists and applied mathematicians who can make an impact in academia, industry, and society.

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