Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Twente excels in bringing fundamental and applied research in computer science together.

It is especially strong in people-centred, crossover research on smart, safe and sustainable information technology. Our research is organised in different focal areas: Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber-Social Systems, Data Science, Software Science and Security. The next generation of computer science is outward facing: bringing expertise in harnessing data and computing power for the outside world.

The department therefore collaborates intensively with other research fields within and outside the faculty. Several groups within CS collaborate with the Mathematics and Electrical Engineering departments on topics such as data science, sustainable computing, robotics, and e-Health. Furthermore, there also is close collaboration with researchers that have a basis in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our research is firmly embedded in the Digital Society Institute (DSI), the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR), the Centre for Networked Systems and Intelligence (EDGE), and the Technical Medical Center (TechMed), which have the goal to foster interdisciplinary research to make an impact on society. We recently started collaborations with other knowledge partners in the Centrum voor Veiligheid en Digitalisering (CVD)  and the VU-UT collaboration.

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Research in the department is divided over 7 research groups, that all contribute to one or more focal areas of the department.


The Computer Science discipline actively participates in various Bachelor and Master programmes at the University of Twente.

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