Data Management & Biometrics (DMB)

Data Management is the practice of collecting, organising, protecting and maintaining data so it can be analysed and in the end, support decision making. Modern data analysis and decision-making solutions are often based on AI or machine learning. This technology enables computers to realise problem-solving capabilities that frequently match or even surpass humans. They provide solutions benefitting society in a large variety of domains, including health, engineering, safety and security, business, and science. Examples are active safety systems in cars that analyse traffic and detect e.g. crossing pedestrians, automated biometric recognition (e.g. face recognition), medical data analysis and Internet traffic.

The Data Management and Biometrics Group consists of a management team of 3 people, 16 persons academic staff (including four affiliates from NFI, Nedap, Leiden University, and the University of Münster), four people supporting staff, and 26 PhD and EngD candidates and postdoctoral researchers. The management team consists of dr. ir. Maurice van Keulen, Luuk Spreeuwers, and dr. M. Poel.

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