Data Management & Biometrics (DMB)

Digitalisation of society provides a treasure trove of data, based on an abundance of sensors and connectivity of services and people. Web and social media offer endless possibilities for people to connect, develop and use digital services. Our increasing data science abilities for data analysis and machine learning drive novel smart services. They provide solutions benefitting society in a large variety of domains, including health, engineering, safety and security, business, and science. At the same time, this digitalisation comes with challenges. You can think of concepts like fairness, data quality, and trust, and threats such as fake news that must be addressed. This requires a fundamental inter-disciplinary approach bridging fields like computational statistics, machine learning, image and signal processing, information retrieval, and data processing and management.

It is our mission to work on explainable data science by developing methods for autonomous, reliable and robust gathering, preparation, and analysis of the data, to enable relevant, trustworthy and explainable result.

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