Design and Analysis of Communication Systems

Welcome to the website of the chair for Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS). DACS is part of both the Computer Science and the Electrical Engineering department of the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Twente. The DACS group was established in January 2003 and encompasses 8 tenured faculty and around 15 PhD students and postdocs of multiple nationalities.

The DACS mission is to contribute to the development of the trusted and resilient Internet that is needed by our society. We do that by performing top research and by educating students. We investigate how to ensure complete control over our core Internet and its connected mobile and wireless communication infrastructures. To get control, a first step is to ensure that we can measure and analyse the traffic flowing over the Internet in order to detect anomalies and attacks. Next we investigate how to influence traffic routing over the Internet and mitigate attacks by filtering traffic. Finally, we certify that systems connected to the Internet operate precisely as described by designing future network systems.
All research projects of the DACS group are part of the UT-wide Digital Society Institute DSI.

DACS delivers a wide variety of courses in the Bachelor programs Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business IT and Creative Technology, as well as to the Master programs Computer Science, Embedded Systems, System Security, Telematics, and Electrical Engineering.

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