Biomedical Signals and Systems research group

Biomedical Signals and Systems (BSS) is a multidisciplinary group based in Electrical Engineering, focussing on finding solutions for medical challenges via signal and system analysis. Advanced (ambulatory) sensor technology combined with our broad knowledge of the human body as a dynamic system enables (eHealth) technology to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sensory, motor and internal dysfunction in clinical and home/selfcare setting. Our research helps to improve the quality of life of elderly, people with chronic diseases and rehabilitation patients.  

We work together with many external partners from the clinical, academic and industrial field, such as ZGT, MST, St. Antonius, CHDR, Roessingh, Xsens and TMSi. Our research program is embedded in the Techmed Centre and for eHealth also embedded in the Digital Society Institute. 

BSS is responsible for module coordination for multiple modules of the Biomedical Engineering, Technical Medicine and Creative Technology bachelors, and contributes to many bachelor and master courses.  

We also have several internship opportunities and student assignments.  You can find the student assignments on the Education page.