Biomedical Signals and Systems

The research mission of the BSS group is to:

  • enable improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with motor, sensory and cardiopulmonary dysfunction in clinical and home/self-care setting,
  • by developing knowledge, methods and tools for identification, control and modulation of neural, muscular and cardiopulmonary systems, cognition and behavior, 
  • using smart sensing, novel data analysis techniques and selective actuation technology or persuasive coaching technology.

The research program is embedded in the Techmed Centre. Remote Monitoring and Treatment is also embedded in the Digital Society Institute.

Research is performed AT the following levels

Sensing and control of human function

Health Smart systems for personalized healthcare

Neuromodulation and dynamic identification applied to pain, motor control and heart function; diagnosis, functional support and neurofeedback training in rehabilitation

Telemedicine: remote monitoring and remotely supervised treatment using wearable interfaces and ICT systems.

Principal investigators

Jan R. Buitenweg

Nociceptive and Somatosensory Processing

Ciska Heida 
Central Motor Control
Parkinson / DBS

Peter H. Veltink 
Biomechatronics / Sensing and stimulation
Intensive care

Richard van Wezel


Principal investigators

Bert-Jan van Beijnum 
Remote monitoring / coaching
Motor control /CVA

Hermie Hermens

Miriam Vollenbroek 
Daily-life coaching

Ainara Garde
Sleep Monitoring

Femke Nijboer

Human Computer Interaction