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    - MIA is part of the SACS and MDS cluster in the DAMUT department.

The MIA research team focuses on areas of dynamical systems, numerical analysis, and scientific computing, and, in particular, their relation to data science. The availability of extensive data sets offers new possibilities and challenges for research within MIA.

Data-driven science allows the discovery of hidden parameters or functions in dynamical systems from observed data by solving (ill-posed) inverse problems. Next, tools from uncertainty quantification,  image analysis, optimal transport and dynamical systems yield further insight.

We aim to combine data-driven science with our intense research in dynamical systems, scientific computing, and mathematical systems theory. This approach offers new opportunities to obtain more accurate data-driven models in, for instance, neuroscience, but also presents important mathematical challenges, such as understanding the mathematical properties of these new models and techniques and deriving and analysing accurate and efficient numerical discretisations for these novel approaches.

Here you can find the output generated by the group members of MIA 

MIA is contributing to NDNS+, one of the four mathematics clusters in the Netherlands. Annually, we organize the NDNS+ workshop in Twente.  We are active partners of 4TU.AMI, the Applied Mathematics Institute of the three Universities of Technology and the University of Wageningen, and PWN, the Netherlands Mathematics Platform.

MIA participates in the Twente Graduate School (TGS). 
Our teaching program prepares students for working in academia and in industry, strengthened by our unique emphasis on close multidisciplinary collaboration. 

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In the MIA group we are part of several  scientific meetings: