Think outside the box. But don’t forget to analyse the box, its borders, surroundings etc first. Only then you are able to create something innovative and relevant.Ellis Wiggers

Product designer at Royal Gazelle 

I have the honour to work at Royal Gazelle as a product designer at the innovation department in Dieren. My work is very similar to what we learn during the study. I work in a multidisciplinary project team, together with engineers, marketers, procurers, product- and project managers. My design process starts with analysing the consumers and market of a certain proposition. These findings are translated into sketches and concepts and ultimately, I work out the final concept in a 3D CAD (surface) model. The projects I work on vary from designing whole bike families, to bike parts (such as carriers, forks and lights), but also doing research on new development and innovations.

I am very glad that Industrial Design Engineering has prepared me so well for this work. Because, as I said; the way we work at Gazelle is very similar to working in project groups during the study.  Furthermore, the study has introduced me to many different design methods and techniques to be able to create new concepts and ideas which I apply daily in my design work at Gazelle.

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