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Which of the three Master’s tracks suits you best?

As an industrial design engineer, you build bridges between technology and people. You can use different starting points in doing so. Do you take technology as a guiding principle in the development of a product, do you want to look at it from a human perspective, or are you interested in the process of product development as a whole? These different perspectives are represented in three Master’s tracks.

Your choice

At the start of your Master’s in IDE, you need to choose one of these tracks. This way, by personalising your own programme, you get to develop your own expertise and become the industrial design engineer you want to be.

Emerging Technology Design

Co-operative robots (cobots), antibacterial surfaces for the healthcare sector, 3D printing. Are you excited about the latest breakthroughs in technology? And do you want to learn how to use these in designing and engineering solutions? During this track, you will gain cutting-edge insights into emerging technologies, explore their potential for application and develop the skills needed to make them accessible. In other words, this track will turn you into an expert technology-oriented industrial design engineer.

Human Technology Relations

What does it take to create technology that gets as close as possible to what human beings truly want and need from the products and solutions they use? This Master’s track enables you to become a people-oriented industrial design engineer. You will gain insights into the problems, aims, concerns and aspirations of human beings and learn how to translate these into feasible product design solutions.

Management of Product Development

This track will take you beyond engineering and design. It prepares you to become a process-oriented industrial design engineer, able to handle the bigger picture of processes and stakeholders in the development of new and better products. You will be able to concentrate on the full breadth of the product development cycle, including societal embedding, while still having detailed, techn(olog)ical expertise.

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