Design for healthy behaviour

Hi, my name is Marleen Offringa. I am a master student Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, I was eager to gain deeper insight into Industrial Design and the research in this field. The topic I find most interesting is “Designing for Healthy Behaviour”.

For many people, their daily intake of sugar is too high which has a negative effect on their general health and wellbeing. Limiting the intake of sugar containing beverages can be a solution to this problem. During my study I explored this topic in a case study. Following the ‘design for healthy behaviour framework’ (that is based on the ‘trans theoretical model of behaviour change’, or ‘stages of change model’) three different products were designed for three different phases of behavioural change:

Phase I: (raising awareness)

In this phase, people do not want to change, therefore, they will not be willing to buy a product that supports a behavioural change. The product that was designed for this phase is a free coolsleeve that displays the amount of sugar that different types of beverages contain. Next to this, a QR code can be found on the sleeve that leads the user to phase II.

Phase II: (awareness and enabling)

During this phase, people have to come to realize that they should and that they are able to change their behaviour. The product that was designed for this phase is a mobile application that supports people in tracking their daily intake of sugar containing beverages. Based on this data, an advice / option for a change in behaviour will be given that links to Phase III; the option of buying one of the Phase III products.

Phase III: (motivation)

In this phase, people have decided that they want to change their behaviour. To support themselves to make the change they have bought one of the products that were designed for phase III: a bottle that contains an hourglass and a cap that contains an hourglass. The bottle (or a different bottle with the cap) will be placed in sight and reminds people that they have to drink enough water. Water is the best alternative for sugar containing beverages.

Marleen's work was exposed at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and the students exhibit Twents Design in Enschede.

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