After this IDE course I started the company Aryzon, with four friends. We launched the world's first cardboard Augmented Reality headsets and are now a fast growing business.Leon Schipper

Hi! I’m Leon Schipper and master student Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. During my Master’s degree I’ve been mainly focussing on sustainability and sustainable energy sources.

For the entire world the availability of sustainable energy sources is most important to preserve a bit of the todays world for future generations. During my Bachelor and Master degree my entrepreneurial drive got more and more stimulated. Resulting in being the president of the largest relay race in the world, something that will always remain an everlasting memory and valuable experience.

At the end of my Master I followed a master course in designing business models, valuable basic information when you want to start a business or need to propose a business plan. After this course I started the company Aryzon, together with four friends. We launched the world's first cardboard of Augmented Reality headsets and are now a fast growing business. We launched our product via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, giving us global coverage of our product in the media. It all went very quickly from being 100% funded within 24 hours to being funded over 400% after the campaign period of 35 days, resulting in more than 100.000 euro!

Augmented Reality gives another dimension to the world we see around us. It can be useful in a growing number of applications, ranging from educational to more serious medical applications.

Whereas other headsets costs hundreds of euros, including many sensors, Aryzon is filling the gap between low-cost and high-end by offering an affordable headset using the power of the technology you already own; your smartphone. As management we all are master students in Industrial Design Engineering with different Bachelor degrees. The knowledge you gain in the master, and bachelor, is valuable knowledge which is used in our business development every day and is also used when consulting companies about using Augmented Reality. To conclude, the University of Twente is indeed THE Entrepreneurial University!

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