Student's experiences

Fenna Jansen

During my Bachelor’s programme, I learned a lot about how to design and how to start and finish a project. In the Master’s programme, the focus is more on your own chosen specialization (in my case, biomedical products) and how to obtain and verify new knowledge.

This Master’s programme has considerable room for electives, which gives you the opportunity to put together a programme that is focused on a specific topic but also to compose a more general design-oriented programme, for example. In consultation with your track coordinator, you can come up with a programme that reflects your own interests.

About six years ago, I made the decision to go to the University of Twente. It’s a university that is interested in you as an individual. It has given me the possibility to develop as an academically trained engineer and as an individual at the same time. It is sure to do the same for prospective students. I really enjoy the fact that Twente is a small scale university. You really get to know your teachers and they know you. The atmosphere on campus really makes you feel at home.

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