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I am a Dutch student who has already finished a Master’s in Movement Sciences starting with the Master’s in Health Sciences. I always knew that I wanted to do ‘something’ in healthcare, but what exactly was a difficult choice. During my first Master’s, I realized that besides knowledge of the human body, I was also interested in policy and management in healthcare.

When comparing the University of Twente and the University of Groningen, where I finished my first Master’s programme, I notice a couple of differences. Both Groningen and Enschede have great sports facilities. Enschede is a nice city where you can find everything you want. At the campus all different studies, sports facilities and homes are closely located to each other. In Groningen, faculties are distributed over the city.

In order to switch from Movement Sciences to Health Sciences I had to follow a pre-Master’s programme. Sometimes I realized that I was lacking knowledge about the organization of the healthcare sector, but with some extra reading, everything turned out very well.

The courses about financing and the changes in financing the healthcare sector were the most interesting and instructive to me. Besides, several courses invited interesting guest speakers. Also, with a small group, we visited the Dutch Cancer Insitute (NKI-AVL).

I would like a career in management or policy within the healthcare sector. I like focusing on quality and safety in the healthcare sector, but also on organizing and financing in healthcare.

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