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“Within these courses I was sure that I would find an interesting way of developing myself”

With a different background than the majority of Health sciences students, I started the premaster. I was the first student who started the premaster with a bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. This meant I had to follow the premaster for one year instead of half a year. I had no specific aim with completing this (pre)master, but I really wanted to know the opportunities to contribute to healthcare while not working as a healthcare professional.

After half a year I was glad to follow another half year of this interesting program. I learned a lot from the variety of offered courses. One focuses on the management of healthcare, another on eHealth, clinical epidemiology or evaluation of new healthcare technologies. Within these courses, I was sure that I would find an interesting way of developing myself. I chose to focus on ‘eHealth and quality of care to fulfil my ambition to learn more about the combination of healthcare and technology.

Graduation project at Philips Research and Development

I chose to do my graduation project externally. I heard Philips' focus was changing towards healthcare, which seemed like a great opportunity to further develop myself in such a big, well-known company. I asked one of my professors about the possibility for a graduation project at Philips. In a short time, I signed my six-month contract for writing my master thesis and supporting one of Philips’ R&D project teams with their daily work. A great opportunity to improve my research skills and experience working in a project team. My research was about the information needs of pregnant women regarding a healthy lifestyle and weight management and to translate those needs into a Philips solution. Besides my own research, I was involved in organizing a clinical trial that was also focused on pregnancy. During these months, I experienced being a real colleague instead of being a student. To conclude, I was very happy that within this master there was room for out of the box thinking and doing what I really like.

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