Rebeca Lisette Rivera Borge

Before I started the Master’s programme in Business Administration here, I finished my Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration, with a focus on Business Economics, Finance, and Global Business, at the Ave Maria University (Latin American Campus) in Nicaragua.

It is a unique programme that gives an overview of key aspects of business administration as a whole, while also focusing on the management of innovation and entrepreneurship. You learn how the entrepreneurial mind works and why innovation and entrepreneurship are keys for the development of an organization and an economy as a whole.

The most enriching experience for me has been the realization of my thesis. This is where you get to work on a subject you really like and that you are (hopefully) genuinely interested in. Your thesis can very well be the start of your future career.

Enschede itself is a very small city, but it offers the peace and tranquillity of a campus and its neighbouring areas while it also has an active night life. For me as an international student it is convenient to have everything in one place.

After I finish the Master’s programme I will go back to Nicaragua, where I already have a job in the innovation management field. This degree will hopefully allow me to develop my career in the executive world, facilitating  innovation and entrepreneurship to contribute to the growth and development of existing and new businesses.

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