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Are you interested in joining the Master’s programme in Business Administration after you have obtained your Bachelor’s degree? If so, you may be required to take a pre-Master’s course. Check the admission requirements to find out whether you are eligible.

What is a pre-master's programme?

The pre-master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme in which you will gain the knowledge and skills needed for successful participation in the master’s programme. Once you’ve completed the pre-master’s, in combination with your prior education you’ll be granted admission to the master’s programme in Business Administration.

As a student or graduate of a Bachelor’s programme at a university of applied sciences (hbo), you can enter a pre-Master’s programme after completing your bachelor’s degree or during your Bachelor's programme. In the latter case, the pre-Master’s will be your minor.

Start date

You can start the pre-master’s programme in September or February.


The pre-Master’s programme for students with a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences (hbo) is normally worth 30 European credits. Generally speaking, a considerable proportion (20 European credits) of the pre-Master’s programme for graduates of a university of applied sciences, or hbo, consists of training in business research methods and techniques. 

As a student, you will know which pre-Master courses you are required to follow, as you will receive a letter from the Admission Committee containing everything you need to know about the programme, the starting date etc.

The pre-Master’s programme generally consists of two blocks of three courses. Most courses involve lectures and practical assignments. In addition to this coursework, you are personally responsible for covering all of the material through self-study and group assignments with fellow students.


The programme is taught in English.


If you have a Bachelor’s degree in (International) Business Administration or a comparable field of study from a Dutch research university, then you will be eligible for direct admission to the Master’s programme in Business Administration.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in another field or from a university of applied sciences (hbo), then it will be up to the Admission Committee to decide whether you can be accepted or not, and whether or not you will need to follow a pre-Master’s programme.

To find out which option applies to you, check the admission requirements. If you are eligible for entering the programme, you register right away. After you have registered, the Admission Committee will assess your application on the basis of the admission criteria. For some applicants, this assessment will bring certain deficiencies to light (for example, all graduates with a degree from a university of applied sciences will have deficiencies in research knowledge and skills). If the Admission Committee expects you will be able to bring your knowledge and skills up to the right level within six months (30EC), you will be admitted on the condition that you follow a bridging programme, also known as a pre-Master’s programme.

Rules of the pre-Master’s

Each student is given two opportunities to pass the exams for each course. If you do not complete the pre-master’s programme within 12 months, then you may not enrol in the Master’s programme. If you are able to prove that you could not complete the programme due to extenuating circumstances, then you may submit a request to the Admission Committee for an exemption. Any extenuating circumstances that may affect the progress of your studies must be reported immediately to your study advisor.

You will be admitted to the Master of Science in Business Administration upon successful completion of all components of the assigned pre-Master’s programme.


Students may contact our Study Information Desk for information.

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