Leander Rotshuizen

My name is Leander and I follow the Strategic Marketing & Business Information track of the MSc. Business Administration. Together with some of my fellow students I worked multiple days on an usability research for the course Advanced Topics in Digital Marketing. We had the opportunity to conduct this research at LimeSquare, a marketing consultant, in Enschede.

LimeSquare has recently added neuromarketing to their portfolio and we were invited to use their neurolab to analyse the webpage of an existing company. Using the techniques their neurolab offered we could look at the usability of the webpage.

“Using the techniques their neurolab offered we could look at the usability of the webpage.”Leander Rotshuizen

Firstly, we used eye-tracking equipment to get an insight in the elements of the website that gains the most attention from the respondents. Secondly, we were able to apply facial recognition software, which gave us the ability to gain insights in the emotions of the respondents. And lastly, we used mouse tracking software.

The different digital marketing techniques were really interesting to apply, especially due to the fact that these techniques don’t provide generic results. We could for instance analyze that our respondent felt frustrated or angry at certain phases of the buying process, even if the respondent didn’t realize he or she was frustrated. Another example is that we could see that the respondent ignored certain elements (e.g. text) of the website, because these elements did not attract enough attention. In the end, we were able to make sound recommendations to the company on how to improve their webpage with regards to usability. This in turn should increasing their online sales.

In the end this research was a great experience to learn more about neuromarketing!

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