The Master's programme in Business Administration offers you a broad range of career prospects. As a graduate, you might work in digital business, entrepreneurship & innovation, financial management, human resource management, international management, strategic marketing, or purchasing & supply management. Your international career prospects will be especially excellent. Our focus on innovative and entrepreneurial processes, in particular, will allow you to develop skill sets that are relevant to a wide variety of organizations and organizational functions in different sectors:

  • Industry (for example, Grolsch, Philips, Bosch, Siemens, Volkswagen)
  • Consultancy (for example, McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Simon Kucher)
  • International organizations (for example, the EU, World Bank, Shell)
  • Startups or small to medium-sized enterprises

Most of our graduates join commercial companies, but also non-profit organizations, government or scientific institutes, often at management level. In time you may attain a leadership or strategic position. Another option may be to start your own business; many Business Administration graduates have done so with great success.


    Our focus on innovative and entrepreneurial processes will allow you to develop skill sets that are relevant to a wide variety of organizations and organizational functions. Some of our students start their careers in firms and many go on to become highly valued business consultants, marketers/business developers, project managers and researchers, thus contributing to broad improvements in innovation and entrepreneurship in existing organizations. Innovation and entrepreneurship are vital to almost all organizations today. This means our students are in high demand on the labour market. As a student of EIS, you may wish to pursue a career in high-level consultancy, strategic research and development (R&D) management, policymaking, entrepreneurship or academic research.

    To find out what kind of careers our students move into, check their LinkedIn connections. You will notice that despite a wide variety of jobs, the greatest skill attributed to our alumni is entrepreneurship. In other words, they are known for being pro-active and innovative. The second most highly ranked skill, research, demonstrates the value that the business community attaches to our engaged scholarship approach, which combines rigorous research with practical relevance. The ability to work well in a team also scores well.

    Business Administration alumnus Daan Giesen about his job at


    According to a recent study by the University of Southampton/School of Management, the field of marketing is becoming increasingly digital and information based. You can see this trend reflected in today´s marketing-related vacancies. Commercial organizations in the B2C and B2B domains, service organizations, consulting firms and non-profit organizations want marketers with advanced knowledge in these fields. This means there are huge career opportunities for graduates specialized in these areas.

    Graduates of the Marketing Strategy and Business Information track find jobs in various positions related to IT. The function of IT Project Manager has been identified as one of the five best jobs for the next decade.

    Business Administration alumnus Evgenia Terzieva about her job at Everjobs:


    Graduates of this HRM specialization have been trained academically, according to the University of Twente’s concept of ‘Research-Design-Organize’. This enables them to function as business leaders who are competent in independently conducting international and multidisciplinary research, in addition to designing and organizing innovative business solutions and contributing to the creation of value in organizations through the proper management of technology and human talent.

    The HRM specialization within the Master’s programme in Business Administration offers you unique opportunities to develop marketable skills in analysis, teamwork, consultancy and project management. In this course you will learn how to use HRM systems for designing business solutions, to build a committed talented workforce and to shape a flexible, effective organization. You will study how to apply financial analysis, research methods and software in order to improve the HRM decision processes. You will learn how organizations can stimulate innovative work behaviour and performance on the part of their employees. Our graduates in this field have entered careers in major corporate, government and non-profit organizations at local and multinational levels, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

    Business Administration alumnus Rhonda Blokhuis about her job at Royal Grolsch:


    The relevance of purchasing is increasing steadily. This trend reflects the growing importance of supply management due to changes in business practices. As a consequence, there is a high demand for academically trained purchasing professionals. This means there are excellent job prospects for well-educated purchasers.

    Our specializations in the Department of Supply Management offer you the option of preparing to work for either an industrial firm or a public institution (e.g. a ministry, hospital, educational institution or municipality). If you opt for the industrial world, you will profit from studying at a technical university. In addition to purchasing, the University of Twente excels in the area of technology and innovation management studies.

    Business Administration alumnus Frederik Vos about his job at the University of Twente:


    After completing the specialization in Financial Management, you will have a wide range of attractive career opportunities. You will be wanted by small and medium-sized enterprises, large and multinational companies, financial institutions and public-sector organizations. Each year, our graduates receive exciting job offers to work in the following areas: 

    • Finance/Treasury/Accounting Departments
    • IT and Business Development Departments
    • Research and Consultancy organizations

    Examples of positions in these areas include Account Manager, Investment Manager, Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager, Business Consultant and Business Analyst.

    Business Administration alumnus Eva Warnaar about her job at Sanoma:


The University of Twente encourages international students to start their career in the Netherlands. The Connect project will help you find appealing job opportunities to get your career off to a flying start. Read more about the Connect project.

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