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Why you should study Technical computer science in Twente

Are you going to study Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente? Then you are choosing a broad Bachelor's programme, in which working together across disciplines is a given and application is key. These unique features will ensure that when you graduate doors will swing open for you on the job market. The official programme name you will find on your diploma when you graduate will be Computer Science & Engineering.

More than just programming

When you think of being a computer scientist, you may think primarily of programming. But that is actually only one area – there is a lot more to it. In our Technical Computer Science programme, we study fundamental concepts that you can use in many different areas, such as interaction, information, complexity and security, for example.


At the University of Twente you will obviously encounter almost all computer science-related subjects offered at other universities. On top of this, the Bachelor's programme in Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente offers you several extra specializations. These include Computer Security, Internet Science, Data Science, and Energy-Efficient Hardware.


Technical Computer Science plays a large part in all sorts of scientific and technical environments. That is why at the University of Twente we believe it is important to be able to partner with experts in other fields of study. These could be technical fields, but others, too, such as medical sciences, biology, psychology, business administration and public administration. All of these are taught at the University of Twente. The University of Twente stimulates multi-disciplinary partnership, in research and project-led education.


Compared to similar programmes elsewhere, the Technical Computer Science course at Twente offers a small-scale, informal atmosphere. We have a low student-teacher ratio and our teachers are easy to approach. No one is a number here; we all know each other.


Studying Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente is worth it: the first experiences with our new educational model show that relatively few students drop out of this programme, and that, on average, relatively few students fall behind in their studies. A good thing too, especially for those who have to take out a loan!


At the University of Twente we take it for granted that research is always focused on practical application. That is why we whole-heartedly encourage research to be applied in specially created companies – so-called ‘spin-offs’. If you are one of those enterprising students or graduates and you have a good idea, the University of Twente will support and help you in starting up your new business.


Are you inquisitive and eager to jump in at the deep end? The kind of person who sees ICT challenges as an opportunity? Then Technical Computer Science will suit you to a tee. This three-year programme will provide you with a good foundation on which you can later continue to develop yourself – either in (Technical) Computer Science or in another area, like healthcare, environment, or engineering.

Our Bachelor's programme in Technical Computer Science will offer you a wide range of challenges and an interesting, exciting future with various career possibilities. You can gain international experience by taking a minor abroad or going on a study tour. The business world is also very present during our programme: your assignments will be application-focused and taken directly from a business context. With a Bachelor's degree in Technical Computer Science you will have plenty of advanced courses to choose from, as well as excellent career prospects.

Are you looking for a challenging programme that will equip you to offer society real ICT solutions? Then we are looking for you. Allow yourself to be convinced by being a Student for a Day.

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