The Bachelor's programme in Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente is a three-year programme. The first year is all about laying the foundation. In the second year this knowledge is deepened and broadened. The first half of the third year is made up of electives and the last six months are for your thesis.

Themes in the curriculum

The programme is made up of modules, each lasting ten weeks. Each module is organized around a central theme, for example software, networks or interaction. We will use various educational methods to teach you about this subject and then you will apply your knowledge and skills in a project.

Important computer science themes

Some Computer Science themes are so important that they will appear in more than one module of the programme. One example is Cyber Security: how can we protect software, networks, information systems and interaction from attacks and abuse? Cyber Security is an important problem that can only be solved if future information specialists deploy the right methods and techniques. That is why we emphasize this theme in almost every module of the curriculum.

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