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Admission TO THE Bachelor's programme Technical Computer Science

Have you decided to sign up for the Bachelor’s programme Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente?  First, sign up via Studielink. Check the admission requirements below to be sure that your application will succeed.

Dutch VWO

You will be admitted to the Bachelor's programme Technical Computer Science if you possess a Dutch VWO diploma with a Natuur & Techniek profile (Nature & Tecnology). Admission with another profile is possible as long as you have passed Wiskunde B (Advanced Mathematics), or can show that you master Wiskunde B at pre-university level.

Dutch HBO

If you have successfully completed your first year of studies in a relevant subject at a university of applied sciences (Dutch HBO), you are also welcome to join the Technical Computer Science programme. We will check whether your educational background fits in well with our programme. One basic requirement is that you passed your first year of Dutch HBO with an average grade of at least 7.5; another is that you can prove that you have mastered Mathematics B at pre-university level. 

Read more about the admission requirements for HBO students.  

German Abitur

Did you sit your final exams in Germany, and do you have an Abitur diploma? If so, you can study Technical Computer Science. Note that it is important that you took Mathematics and English at Abitur level.  

Read more about admission with a German Abitur on the German website of Technical Computer Science.

International diploma

With an international diploma, you can also sign up for our Bachelor’s programme Technical Computer Science. The basic condition is that you have a completed a level of education equivalent to Dutch pre-university education, and have at least taken English and Mathematics.

Read more about admission with an international diploma on the English website for Technical Computer Science.

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