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You are about to sign up for the Bachelor’s in Technical Computer Science. You do this through the Studielink website.

You are about to sign up for the bachelor’s in Technical Computer Science. Technical Computer Science has a “Numerus Fixus” — a fixed capacity of 400 places for the 2023-2024 academic year, to be offered to applicants via a selection procedure. Make sure you have registered via Studielink no later then 15 January 2023.

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Application for this programme is possible from 1 October until 15 January

Application, selection and enrolment procedure

The timeline (including deadlines) of the application, selection & enrolment procedure for the Bachelor's in Technical Computer Science is described in steps 1 to 3. The procedure described below (including deadlines) also applies to students that are currently enrolled for a different bachelor programme at the University of Twente and consider switching to the TCS programme.

  • Step 1 Apply via Studielink (deadline 15 January 2023 23:59 CET)

    Information on how to register via Studielink can be found on the general enrolment and admission page. After registering in Studielink, follow the instructions on how to finalise your registration in the university system. The deadline for registration via Studielink is 15 January 2023.

    Deadline registration Studielink: 15 January 2023 23:59 CET                         

    Please be aware that the registration process takes some time as you are required to gather and submit documentation. Start the application procedure on time, as the UT complies with strict national deadlines set by the Dutch Government.

  • Step 2a Selection procedure: questionnaire (deadline 14 February 2023 23:59 CET)

    Between 2 and 4 February 2023 you will receive an invitation from TCS to fill in an online questionnaire about your choice to study Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente. The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 14 February 2023 23:59 CET.

    Deadline questionnaire: 14 February 2023 23:59 CET                       

    After you have completed your registration and submitted the completed questionnaire, the questionnaire is checked by the TCS programme. Afterwards you will receive information on whether you are allowed to continue the selection procedure and information on the TCS Entrance Exam.

  • Step 2b Selection procedure: Entrance Exam (10 & 13 March 2023)

    The TCS Entrance Exam consists of three tests:

    • Logical Thinking (20%);
    • Algorithmic Thinking (40%);
    • Mathematical Thinking (40%)

    For candidates with a Dutch residence, the TCS Entrance Exam takes place on campus on Friday 10 March 2023. You will receive an email with the exact time and instructions for participation.

    For candidates with a foreign residence, the TCS Entrance Exam takes place online on Monday 13 March 2023. No later than one week prior to the test you will receive an email with the date the test takes place. Please be aware that it is not possible for us to take into account the time zone of your residence in appointing time slots. 

    If you have an officially diagnosed learning disability and/or are experiencing provable extenuating circumstances, you can request additional time, with a maximum of 25%. Requests can be sent to and need to be supported with documentation (e.g. a medical statement from a physician or psychologist) in Dutch or English. 

    Deadline request extra time: 14 February 2023 23:59 CET               

    Detailed information on the rules and guidelines for the entrance exam can be found in the Regulation Selection Criteria and Procedure.      

  • Step 2c Selection procedure: accepting offer (as from 15 April 2023)

    Based on how you scored on your three tests, your ranking is calculated. On 15 April 2023 Studielink will announce your ranking number.

    Ranked 1 - 400: You immediately receive a placement offer via Studielink to study TCS and have 2 weeks time to accept the placement offer and finalise your enrolment (be aware: these are two different steps: accepting the offer, and enrolling).

    Ranking 401 or lower: there is still a good chance that you receive a placement offer as others decline their spot for several reasons. Do not feel discouraged by the lower rank; the rank is relative and is not a predictor of success. Offers for a place declined by higher ranked candidates are reassigned to lower ranked candidates till 1 June for non-EEA students and 1 August for Dutch and EEA students. Be aware that, even though you have not received an offer for a place yet, you must comply with the deadlines for uploading certified documentation mentioned under step 3.

    You will also receive an email from TCS containing some information on your ranking and test score. It will not be possible to review your test or individual answers given.

  • Step 3: Enrol

    Whether you have already accepted an offer for a place via Studielink or are still awaiting an offer for a place, you need to continue with your enrolment by uploading the required documentation (as described in our admission requirements) before the given deadline.

    Deadline uploading certified diploma: 1 July 2023 23:59 CET                   

    If you cannot comply with the admission criteria or provide us with a digital copy of your diploma before the given deadline of 1 July, you can send a substantiated request for an extension to Student Services. If you have received an offer for a place after 1 July, you need to upload the required documents within 2 weeks after receiving the offer for a place. More information on this request for extension can be found here.  

    Unfortunately, it is neither possible for candidates who require a visa to request an extension for both deadlines nor to receive an offer for a place after 1 July. If you have not complied with the deadlines, your offer for a place will expire 1 July. If you have not received an offer for a place by 1 June, your application will be cancelled. You will have to re-apply for the next academic year.

An overview of these steps and corresponding deadlines is depicted in this step-by-step plan. 

Entrance exam

The exam

The exam consists of three consecutive tests. None of these tests assume any knowledge of programming, nor is any other foreknowledge required to participate in the Entrance Exam. Each test is a weighted part (%) of the final score:

How to prepare

If you meet the entrance requirements, you should be able to make the exam without much preparation. Below you can find information on the topics the that will be examined in the Entrance Exam.

  • The Logical Thinking test

    To inform yourself on the topics of the Logical Thinking test, you can use any book on logic foundations, such as Logic in Action by van Benthem, van Ditmarsch, van Eijck and Jaspars (chapters 1–4 and the appendix). This book is publically available and free to use, but you can use other sources as well, as long as they cover the following topics:

    • set theory
    • relations and properties
    • propositional and logic
    • permutations and combinations
    • Boolean algebra
    • quantifiers
    • formulae
    • basic deductive reasoning
  • The Algorithmic Thinking test

    To inform yourself on the topics of the Algorithmic Thinking test, practice the following key techniques:

    • using abstraction to (re)formulate a problem, focusing on the important information
    • using algorithms to express a solution as a stepwise recipe or a set of rules
    • breaking down a complex problem, solution or system into smaller parts
    • recognising similarities among and within problems
    • analysing and (re)organising available data
    • identifying, analysing and implementing possible solutions as effective combinations of steps and resources
    • generalising the problem solving process to a wider class of problems
  • The Mathematical Thinking test

    To inform yourself on the topics of the Mathematical Thinking test, you can self-study or follow any course on pre-university calculus like this free one on YouTube, to revisit the following topics:

    • functions (polynomial, root, power, logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric, absolute)
    • properties of functions and their plots (domain, range, limits, asymptotes, symmetry)
    • rewriting of algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities
    • factorisation techniques and the quadratic formula
    • systems of linear equations
    • differential calculus (first and second derivatives, solving optimisation problems)
    • integral calculus (limits, definite and indefinite integrals, antiderivatives, applications)
    • trigonometric functions, including amplitude, phase, period and frequency
    • solving trigonometric equations and inequalities
    • 2D/3D geometric shapes, their surface, perimeter and volume
    • Pythagorean theorem, laws of sines and cosines
    • calculations of angles, lengths and intersections of basic 2D shapes
    • vectors, their norm and direction, orthogonality, multiplication (dot product and scalar)
  • General preparation for the exam

    The Entrance Exam is an individual exam, so it is not allowed to collaborate or communicate with another candidates or other persons. The TCS programme has taken measures to prevent fraud during the exam. 

    If you take the on-campus entrance exam, you are provided with a secured laptop. You do not need to bring any other supplies. Everything you need to take part in the on-campus entrance exam is provided by us. The on-campus entrance exam is supervised by invigilators.

    If you take the online entrance exam, you are responsible for making sure you have a well-functioning internet connection, a good functioning pc or laptop with a webcam, and a room where you cannot be disturbed. If you can not take part in or complete the exam because of a failing internet connection or hardware, the selection procedure is considered not to be completed and thus you will not receive a ranking number. Further, the online exam possibly will be proctored and you need to prove via the webcam you are alone in the room where you take the exam. Accidental entry of someone can be classified as fraud. 

    Suspicions of fraud committed by candidates are reported to and investigated by the Examination Board. If it is established by the Examination Board that fraud has actually been committed, the candidate in question will be excluded from the selection procedure and will not receive a ranking number. Detailed instructions for participation in the entrance exam will be provided with the notification of your exam date and time slot.

    Detailed information on the rules and guidelines for the entrance exam can be found in the Regulation Selection Criteria and Procedure


We advise you to consult the FAQ first if you have any questions regarding admission and/or the selection procedure. If you cannot find your question answered there, please contact the UT Admission Office if you have any questions regarding admission and enrolment and the Numerus Fixus coordinator for questions about the selection procedure.

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