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Vladislav from Bulgaria studies Technical Computer Science

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Name: Vladislav avramov
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Programme: BSC technical computer science

“Knowledge through hard work!”

Здравейте! Hello guys, my name is Vladislav Avramov and I am studying for my BSc in Technical Computer Science. I am 19 years old. Having a new subject every week is kind of exciting and tempting learning so many new things one after another in my studies. I am becoming more and more convinced that every day spent here is actually meaningful and impactful. Everything about the subjects in the program is exactly as I imagined it – practical and useful.

Why international?

One simple answer – practicality. So, that is why I took the decision to come here in search for real knowledge which for my studies is a lot better here than in my country. A little bonus comes from the saying “It’s good for the little birds to leave the nest, they have to learn to fly”, and that’s a little bit of that too. Going to a different new place in search of something I don’t know anything of.  In that way a person can teach himself how to ‘survive’ in a completely new environment and country. As we all know, it’s kind of stressful to go to a new place and live among new people. But after all it’s not a bad stress after you get used to communicating with other people in English. That combined with the fact that the study-related personnel is always friendly and open to questions regarding everything in your day-to-day life in the new environment.

Why the Netherlands?

What more could I want than a country where everyone speaks English, the education is good and affordable, the nature is beautiful and I also get to live with so many other Bulgarian people? Well, if I have to be honest, there is one thing. The weather. It could be a little better, but you might get used to it. You have every possibility to ride a bike here and I love it. Can you imagine a highway for bicycles? I couldn’t, you too, probably. But it’s possible here, there are even roads to the cities next to us.

Why Twente?

First thing a person should think – “Will I be able to use the knowledge if I sit on the desk and have a task?”. That’s where technical universities like UTwente come in. Here everything is always hands on. Everyday the same thing in the afternoon – practical classes. And on top of that what’s the sound of a brand new buildings everywhere, everything high tech like you’re studying in a place from the future? A Technical Computer Science student's utopia. You want something more? The student assistants are all students too! How cool is that, someone that can actually relate to your problems and help you? And adding to all of those the possibility to work with so many new and different people from all over the world. You get to train yourself to work with people but also respect and help them. It has its learning curve, but it’s something essential for living in the world of today. And the possibility studying here is there, you just have to reach to grab it. All of those things combined to result in the essence of University of Twente.

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Do you have a question for Vladislav? Contact him via our dedicated Facebook page for Bulgaria. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Bulgaria web page.

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