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Theory and practice are interwoven

I love projects. In one of our modules we had a project in which we were allowed to determine everything ourselves; the only guideline was that we had to develop a web application involving a database. We created Ubercoaching, a self-help app you can use to monitor how many calories you burn. It was awesome. You gain more and more knowledge as you go. A few times, we ran into a problem, and the very next day we got new input during a lecture that helped us solve it. Theory and practice are interwoven in this programme.

“In security, you assume users will misbehave.”


Technical Computer Science obviously offers an endless array of possible application areas, but one subject that keeps coming back in every module is security. In developing applications, you assume users will do things the way they’re supposed to and will behave properly; in security, you assume users will misbehave, that your code has holes in it. It’s a completely different perspective. The security field is changing rapidly and I see a lot of challenges there. I’m currently working at a start-up. I learned so much in my first year that I’m using now. The programming skills I gained come in handy every day, too.

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