Chemical Science and Engineering

BSc Chemical Science & Engineering Study programme


Chemical Science & Engineering is structured according to the Bachelor-Master structure. The Bachelor's programme takes three years and leads to a Bachelor's degree. Once you have a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Science & Engineering many paths will be open to you. Most graduates continue on to our two-year, English-taught Master's programme Chemical Engineering. Other Master's programmes are also open to you, such as Nanotechnology or Sustainable Energy Technology.

With a Master's degree, you will be an attractive new employee for many companies, design and engineering firms, research and education institutions. You can also continue to study for a PhD or PDEng degree.


Each academic year lasts forty weeks, which we divide into four modules. Each module has a central theme. In each module there are a number of theoretical lectures and a practical assignment related to the central theme. What you learn during the theoretical and practical assignments, you then apply in a project, working together with fellow students. This is the Twente Education Model, or TOM, in a nutshell.


During the first year you will learn to look at chemical engineering from different perspectives, covering the various basic concepts and theories in chemistry, process technology and material science. The second year is about further deepening and broadening the knowledge and skills you have already gained. In the third year you choose your own direction and start to work on your Bachelor's thesis.


The Bachelor's programme Chemical Science & Engineering is fully English-taught. Dutch first-year students will still be allowed to sit exams in Dutch. The Master's programme Chemical Engineering is also completely English-taught. Find out more about the possible Master's programmes after the Bachelor's degree.


Are you looking for an extra challenge and do you think you can take on extra subjects on top of your regular study programme? Do you want to deepen or broaden your knowledge in a certain field alongside your Bachelor's programme? The Chemical Science & Engineering programme and the University of Twente offer different possibilities to go beyond the regular programme.

Another challenge open to you is to join one of the University of Twente's big, multi-disciplinary projects, such as Green Team Twente, Solar Team Twente, Solar Boat Twente or RoboTeam Twente.

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