An alumnus' experience


‘Hello, my name is Samuel Mok. I completed the Bachelor's programme Chemical Engineering at the UT and now I am doing the Science Education and Communication Master’s degree in order to become a chemistry teacher.

This Master's consists of two parts: a vocational and an educational part. You begin with the educational year. Here you learn all about didactics, pedagogy and education. You also do two internships at secondary schools. The year ends with an educational research project. Everything is interconnected: for example, the assignments you do in class are relevant to your internship.

The second year is more vocational. You choose classes that have to do with your subject and you finish off with a big, six-month thesis. This involves the same kind of research you would do in a purely technical Master’s degree, only it takes less time because you’ve already done research in the first year.

I taught a lot during my studies. For the Chemical Engineering programme, I led the first year's practical class all year, and I also tutored many secondary school students. I enjoyed it and it is why I decided to do further studies in that area.

I really enjoy interacting with students. It is satisfying to be able to help people and get them enthusiastic. Also, I like being able to work very independently, while always having a team of people around you as a sounding board.’

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