Campus & Facility Management

No matter whether you work on the campus, study there or are visiting it: everyone needs more information about the campus from time to time. We hope this website will give you plenty of answers to your questions.

Campus & Facility Management (CFM) contributes with its services to an inclusive campus community and a vibrant and sustainable campus. CFM stands for providing an optimal service for education and research. With pleasure, we dedicate ourselves to this every day. Our mission is: Campus UT: the place to be!

The Campus has a lot of facilities which benefits education. Do you study on the campus and are you looking for specific information about lecture halls, use of projectrooms, copyshops, good coffee or where to store your bicycle? You can find all the information on this website. Do you work on the campus? There are many different facilities where we can support you as staff member with our expertise in the areas of housing and maintenance, furnishings and equipment, catering, purchasing, post & logistics and much more. Take a little time to check out the options.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then simply contact us via the Servicedesk in your building. For students, we take care of the educational facilities.


Discover the campus and its possibilities. No matter whether you’re familiar with the campus or not: everyone will be able to discover something new. There are numerous activities you can join: prepare to be surprised by the lively atmosphere on our campus. Want to organize an event? Attend a show? Get involved in sports? No need to look further – it’s right here.

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