Central mail department


Internal mail is only delivered on campus and in the ITC building. Mail for the Friesland branch and all other destinations should be sent by external mail.

Handling of mail

For internal mail, you can use the UT envelopes for internal mail, but other envelopes and packages are also allowed. Envelopes for UT internal mail can be obtained (free of charge) from the Central Mail Room. Internal mail can be handed in at the Service Desk at hand, who will handle the further dispatch.

To avoid unnecessary delay please fill in the address details as completely as possible:

  • Name
  • Building
  • Faculty or department (if applicable)
  • Date of dispatch
  • The sender’s name and building

Guidelines when using UT envelopes for internal mail:

  • If all address slots have been used, please use a new envelope
  • Do not use staples and/or adhesive tape to close the envelope

Time of delivery

Mail is collected from your building twice a day at scheduled times. Internal mail is also processed twice a day, and is delivered to the appropriate Service Desk during the next mail round. They then take care of sorting mail in people’s pigeonholes.


Both sending internal mail and using UT envelopes for internal mail is free of charge.


This service is provided by the Central Mailroom of the Logistics Department. The employees of the Central Mailroom are happy to answer your questions by email and/or telephone.


The Central Mailroom is located in the Garage building (building number 5) on campus, at Dienstweg 10, 7522 ND Enschede. The general postal address of UT is p.o. box 217, 7500 AE Enschede.

The Central Mailroom can be reached by telephone at +31(0)53 - 489 2118 (between 08.00 - 16.00) or by email at maildepartment@utwente.nl.

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