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This page contains the most important contacts at CFM: Servicedesks in buildings, our secretariat and contacts by topic.

For organisation information or complaints, please proceed to the end of the page. 

Campus security & emergencies

The campus security is located in the Spiegel Building (main campus entrance). 

  • General contact:, phone 053 489 2134
  • Emergency: phone 053 489 2222

Servicedesks in buildings

The servicedesks in the UT building are your first contact with our department. They can assist with questions related to all facilities in our buildings, complaints and more.





+31(0)53 489 6703  

Carré (& Waaier, Hal B, Zilverling, Nanolab)

+31(0)53 489 2299  


+31(0)53 489 3349  

Horst (& Meander, Hangar)

+31(0)53 489 2500  


+31(0)53 487 4444

Ravelijn (& Citadel)

+31(0)53 489 3440


+31(0)53 489 4183  


+31(0)53 489 8001


+31(0)53 489 1800


+31(0)53 489 8002

Central servicedesk (other buildings)

+31(0)53 489 2400


General    +31(0)53 489 4041
Nel Beute
Aleida ter Steege

Sports     +31(0)53 489 1148

Karin Lienesch

Culture    +31(0)53 489 6872

Jolinde Gosseling

Contacts and supplierS

Contracts of facilities

Laundry, laundromat
Office supplies
Printing and copying 
Wayfinding, signage
Working / coroparate clothes

Chantal Hilgeholt
Martine Drewes

Vending machines / coffee machines

Anouk van der Wal

Chauffeurs services
Car rental / hiring

Hilda Emmerich

Maintenance contracts

Mechanical maintenance

Roy Ramakers
Bastiaan Veneman
Raymond Morhée

Electrical maintenance

Remy van der Beek
Nico Reurink

Architectural, engineering maintenance

Stef Migchelbrink (interim)  
Nico Pariente

Elevator maintenance

Remy van der Beek
Nico Reurink

Measurement and control technology

Henk Hobbelink

Terrain maintenance 

André de Brouwer

Audiovisual media

Roy Juninck


Policy & projects

Culture & events, booking office

Head of Department

Sanne Kleinenberg (interim)


Jolinde Gosseling

Events Office

+31(0)53 489 1717
Jelmer van Straelen
Jasper van der Kolk

Booking Office (reservations)

+31(0)53 489 1010


Han Davina
Frans de Groot

Visual arts

Tessa Liefering

Cultural education

Joke Sanchez

Performing arts and publicity

Tineke Grootenboer


Head of Department

Sanne Kleinenberg


Vincent Steggink

Individual sports

Ingrid Bos


Jeroen Gröniger
Ruben Burchartz
Hans Brandwacht


Marcel ter Bals

Communication and DMS

Jeroen Meijaard

Human Resources

Facility Services

Head of Department

Chantal Hilgeholt

Campus Security
Team manager

+31(0)53 489 2134
Benno Kiers

Internal Services

Carré (& Waaier, Hal B, Zilverling, Nanolab)
Team manager

Team manager

Horst (& Meander, Hangar)
Team manager

ITC (ITC Hotel)
Team manager

Ravelijn (Citadel)
Team manager

Team manager

Team manager

Team manager

Vrijhof (Drienerburght)
Team manager

+31(0)53 489 2299
Ivo Bijker

+31(0)53 489 3349
Marco Boevink

+31(0)53 489 2500
Herman Kuiper

+31(0)53 487 4444
Marco Boevink

+31(0)53 489 3440
Marco Boevink

+31(0)53 489 4183
Marco Boevink

+31(0)53 489 8001
Lieke Walvoort

+31(0)53 489 1800
Ivo Bijker

+31(0)53 489 8002
Lieke Walvoort

Mail & Logistics

Team manager

Herman Kuiper 

Mail department

+31(0)53 489 2118


+31(0)53 489 2132


Head of Department

Geert-Jan Westhof

Operational Purchasing

+31(0)53 489 4787 (FB bestelaanvraag OTA)
+31(0)53 489 7676 (Proactis-P2P pilot)

Kati Koloszar
Inge Stiemer-Kessing
Daniëlle Hendriks
André Hintzbergen
Karin Geerdink-Zandstra
Mieke Meenhuis-Haverkate (chemicals)

Tactical Purchasing

Evelien Verheij
Linda Pariënte-Hofte
Bert Kloppers
Rene Belt

Purchase Analist

Natacha Naumann

Contract Administration

Hilda Emmerich-Bijker

Financial & Economic Affairs (FIN)

Video team

The video team consists of skilled professionals from the LISA, MC, and CFM departments with a proven track record in media creation. From studio recordings to multi-camera events, from video editing to animation, and from Teams/Zoom support to streaming of live events from our studio. The video team likes to be challenged and is always looking for innovations, but also keen on using proven technology. Video team services are available on or see the team members and contact information.


Please use our complaints form for to get back to us with any complaints, suggestions, etc.

Organisation CFM

Campus & Facility Management (CFM) contributes with its services to an inclusive campus community and a vibrant and sustainable campus. No matter whether you work on the campus, study there or are visiting it: everyone needs more information about the campus from time to time. CFM stands for providing an optimal service for education and research. With pleasure, we dedicate ourselves to this every day. Our mission is: Campus UT: the place to be!

The Campus has a lot of facilities which benefits education. Do you study on the campus and are you looking for specific information about lecture halls, use of projectrooms, copyshops, good coffee or where to store your bicycle? You can find all services offered by CFM in this Service Portal. Do you work on the campus? There are many different facilities where we can support you as staff member with our expertise in the areas of housing and maintenance, furnishings and equipment, catering, purchasing, post & logistics and much more. 

Organogram Campus & Facility Management


Our Intranet is only available for CFM-members.

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