CampusCrowdMap: occupancy of campus buildings

Through the CampusCrowdMap you kan keep eye on the current occupancy in the UT buildings. It gives you an the indication of the occupancy.


To help you with this, the CampusCrowdMap has been developed. With the CampusCrowdMap you can get an indication of current occupancy in the different UT buildings.

The colors red, orange and green indicates how the number of people inside relates to the 1.5M capacity of the building and the different floors. The occupancy indications that this application offers should not be interpreted as a guarantee of actual occupancy. With this information you can decide for yourself which building you want to enter inbetween meetings or classes.


You can select a building, by clicking on it, or by selecting the building from the list of buildings. The building will be highlighted and additional data will be shown. Like for example an estimation of the number of people currently present in the building and on the floors. The different colors gives you an indication which can be interpret as an advice. For example when a building or floor is indicated in red, it doesn’t mean it is forbidden to visit the location, but we advise you to leave the location when presence is not really necessary.


Because we value everyone’s privacy this application measures occupancy by monitoring and interpreting anonymised local area WIFI connection statistics and projecting this data towards estimations of people occupancy per location. This means it doesn’t measure on an individual level and it doesn’t give you a guarantee of actual occupancy.

This application does not keep track or store any personal information of the individuals that are visiting the campus of University of Twente.


If you have any questions and/or remarks, please use our contact form:

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