Vending machines

Maas takes care of everything regarding the maintenance of the hot drink vending machines. The operators will ensure the cleaning and refilling of the machines. They will be at UT every day and will be on site within one hour in case of defects.

different Types of machines

There are two different types of machines for coffee at UT. Fresh bean coffee for employees and an instant variety for students. Coffee strength, sugar and milk can be adjusted to your own liking for both coffee types. Tea is also available in this new set-up.

With the different types of coffee available in the vending machines, as well as the coffee available at the cafeterias and the coffee corners. Employees and students have ample choice. The Facility Department thus hopes to accommodate everyone's taste and budget.

Report Technical problems

Should a machine have a technical problem for any reason, please report this to your building's Service Desk. When reporting a technical problem, the machine’s number (which has been printed above the card reader) and a description of the problem must always be provided. After reporting a problem, Maas will send their operator on site to fix it.

Ordering method

How to order an additional machine

The machines have been placed following consultation with all faculties and departments. If there is need for an additional machine or if a machine needs to be moved, please contact your facility services team manager.


The machines supply milk and sugar, also the machine offer English Breakfast tea free of charge. Other separate ingredients, such as packet of sugar and milk, tea bags, stirrers, cups, thermos flasks in the right size, etc. can be ordered through Proactis and will be invoiced separately. Orders will be delivered to the buildings by our internal transport service. Orders placed with Maas through Proactis will be delivered to your workplace in no more than 5 working days after receiving the order confirmation.


For internal meetings, you can use the available coffee pots for getting coffee from the machine. These coffee pots are available through Proactis. Please be aware that the taste and quality of fresh bean coffee changes when you put it in a coffee pot. For larger meetings and events, but also for internal meetings, you can use Banquetingmap Appèl for fresh coffee.


Fresh bean and instant coffee is free for all employees when using the employee card at the machine. Employees can also get free instant coffee at the student machines by using their employee card. Moreover, there is an option to acquire a department card. For all machines, consumptions and separate orders are charged centrally per faculty or department based on counter positions and orders.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Facility Services team manager.

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