UT Regulation Paid Educational Leave

Article 1

In this scheme the following is understood to mean:

a. university: the University of Twente

b. staff member: the person who has a permanent employment contract with the university

c. educational leave: extraordinary leave in the form of a right to paid leave for a maximum of three months, based on an educational plan that serves to influence the staff member’s functioning in a positive way, or to improve his career perspectives

d. educational plan: plan that is approved by the management of the unit where the staff member is employed and which serves as a basis for the educational leave

e. administrator: the person charged with the administration of a unit in accordance with the university’s Management and Administrative Regulations.

f. unit: bureau, section, department or other unit at the basic level of the organisation.


II Entitlement to leave and allowance


Article 2


The entitlement to educational leave comes about after the staff member has been employed by the University Twente for a period of five years.


The entitlement to educational leave can be used once in a period of five years.


The staff member who within a period of five years has already qualified for an exchange/educational leave via SVO/EEG and such, is considered to have used up the right to educational leave.


The duration of the educational leave is at maximum a period of three consecutive months. It is possible to take up leave for a certain part of the ordinary working time per day, week or month. In case of partial educational leave, this is converted into full-time equivalents.

Article 3


The educational leave is to be applied for to the administrator no later than three months before the desired moment of commencement.


With the application the educational plan is to be submitted and the desired period of leave is to be stated, all this in consultation with the direct superior of the staff member.


If the consultation referred to in paragraph 2 does not lead to agreement, the administrator decides.


After consultation with the staff member the administrator, stating reasons, can make adjustments to the way in which the educational leave is taken up, to the contents of the educational plan and/or the funding of the educational plan.


The administrator informs the staff member in writing of his decision within 6 weeks after receiving the application as referred to in paragraph 1.


Article 4

The administrator may make available to the staff member who has been granted educational leave an amount of up to € 2,269 per period of leave. If most of the educational leave is taken up abroad, an amount of up to € 4,538 can be made available.


III Conditions


Article 5


The staff member who has enjoyed educational is obliged to bring out a written report to the administrator within two months after the end of the educational leave.


The administrator can set rules for the lay-out of the report referred to in paragraph 1.


Article 6


If the staff member within two years after the educational leave resigns or is dismissed due to circumstances attributable to him, he is obliged to repay the full or partial costs of the leave.


The obligation to repay is limited to 1/24 part of the costs for each month not included in the period referred to in paragraph 1.


Costs as referred to in paragraph 1 are understood to mean costs of the facilities granted to the staff member, up to a maximum of € 2,269 and € 4,538 respectively.


IV Objections and final provisions


Article 7

If the administrator makes use of the power mentioned in article 3, paragraph 3 or 4, the staff member may submit a notice of objection to the Executive Board within 6 weeks after the staff member has been informed of the decision.


Article 8


In special cases the Executive Board may deviate from the provisions laid down in this scheme.


In cases in which this scheme does not provide, the Executive Board decides.


This scheme becomes effective on 1 July 1998 and can be quoted as "Paid Educational Leave Scheme University of Twente 1998".


At the moment of this scheme becoming effective, the Paid Educational Leave Scheme University of Twente 1995 is abolished. The applications for educational leave submitted before 1 July 1998 will still be assessed on the basis of this scheme.


The Dutch text of this regulation is binding. In case of a difference of interpretation, this translation cannot be used for legal purposes.