Responsible alcohol consumption


A healthy and safe study and work climate

At the University of Twente , it's all about people, in line with our university's High Tech Human Touch philosophy. We aim to be a healthy, sustainable and inclusive employer and study environment. We want to achieve this by creating a healthy and safe study and work climate.

The use of alcohol can be harmful to health, lead to dangerous situations, negatively influence study and work performances and exclude students and employees who do not drink. The UT recognises the problem of alcohol consumption and considers it important to raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol consumption for the health of students and employees.

Therefore, a policy on responsible alcohol consumption is established This policy applies to students and employees of the University of Twente (UT) who serve and/or consume alcoholic beverages in the buildings and grounds on campus or in UT buildings off campus, including the terraces.

Why is responsible alcohol consumption important?

In the National Prevention Agreement (dutch website), the government indicates that it wants to reduce problematic alcohol use, because alcohol consumption can be harmful to health. Excessive alcohol consumption affects the well-being of students and employees. 

For young people, it is especially harmful. Because drinking is harmful to developing bodies, it can lead to alcohol abuse and alcoholism late in life, and alcohol also plays a big part in aggressive behaviour, violence and traffic accidents. The aim of the NPA is to reduce the number of young adults studying who drink excessively and/or problematically by 50% between 2018 and 2040. This goal has been endorsed by the Dutch Association of Universities (UNL) and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (VH).

What can we do?

Our aim is to help owners, managers and students of hospitality locations and event organisers to adapt their surroundings in such a way as to make it easier to choose alternatives. We want to explore possible options with them and suggest to nudge their visitors using options such as:

  • the availability of alternatives to alcohol such as non-alcoholic beer (0.0) and mocktails;
  • to consider the use of light beer (<3.5%) at larger events (events with 300+ visitors on campus grounds, festivals, concerts etc.);
  • to discuss the disadvantages of the special sales volume for beer such as large glasses (400/500 cc), meters of beer, jugs or kegs, etc
  • to experiment by making the non-alcoholic alternatives cheaper than the alcoholic version;
  • to consider the adjustment of a minimum price per unit of alcoholic beverage and discuss it with the suppliers; to adjust the marketing strategy: prevent alcohol marketing, switch to advertise alcohol-free instead.

Information and health education

Do you find that your alcohol consumption negatively affects your study or work performance?

Discuss it with your study advisor, manager or HR advisor.

The University of Twente is involved in the health and the sustainable employability of its students and staff. That is why we support staff and students to recognise alcohol use. Do you need help because of your alcohol consumption?

Then take a look at the help and guidance organisations below (dutch only).

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