Software for your work computer

Microsoft Software Center is available for installing UT software for employees on UT Windows computers. For Apple, you have to install the software yourself.

Software for Windows

General information

  • Description

    Since the arrival of Windows 10, the Microsoft Software Center has been used, this is an application on the computer. This arranges matters for Windows updates, application installations and complete Windows installations. If Microsoft releases updates, these will be made available via Microsoft Software Center . The second Tuesday of the month they are made available and can be installed them yourself. Note: after a week they will be installed mandatory and a restart will. The Microsoft Software Center provides multiple notifications in the notification center about updates.


    Frequently used applications can be found in Microsoft Software Center.

  • Requests

    The Microsoft Software Center can be found via the magnifying glass at the bottom left of the screen, right next to the Windows start button by entering ‘Microsoft Software Center’.

    Then follow the manual for further use.

    If an application is not listed in the Microsoft Software Center, please contact the Servicedesk ICT.

  • Costs

    No costs are charged.

  • Conditions
    • You need a UT-account.
    • A VPN connection when you are not connected to the UT network (wired/eduroam).
  • Support

    For other questions and malfunctions, contact the Servicedesk ICT.

Type of workstation

Related information: The 3 different types of workstations (Windows workspace for employees).


How to use software manger: 

  • Show al steps
    • Click on the start button on your Windows computer:

    • Option 1:
      Type “Software Center”. (Often when typing "soft" the software center will already be visible under “Best match”.

      Click the program to start Software Center.

    •  Option 2: 
      Search in the program menu for " Microsoft System Center ".
    • Click the menu open 
    • Select "Software Center” and click on the program to run it. 
    • Software Center starts with the “Applications” line selected.
    • Select an application e.g. “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2019”. 
    • Click the “Install” button.
    • Once the program is installed the message "Uninstall" button, thus it may be possible to de-install the application again. *
    • Start the program in the usual way from the start menu

     *: Uninstallation of programs can also be done via “Add/Remove Programs”.

Software for MAC

Software on MACs cannot be managed by the ICT department and therefore you have to install the software yourself. 

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Microsoft Office 365

Go to and use the 'install office' button to install the applications you need. Don't forget Microsoft Teams as your UT phone number is connected to Teams. To verify your software license for Office 365, you will have to log in with your UT account (email address) during the installation process. The UT has a licence for employees, excluding guest accounts. 

Adobe (Photoshop, etc)

Download the Adobe Creative Cloud from the website. To verify your software license for Adobe applications, you will have to log in with your UT account (email address) during the installation process. This licence is only available for employees, excluding guest accounts. For details, see the Adobe manual for UT employees.


Please select your manual on

VPN connection

Please select your manual on

Other software

If you software is not listed here or you need any assistance, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

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