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Participation @ UT

Read UToday's April 2024 special participation magazine. This is a magazine about participation, full of stories about students and employees who think along and co-decide on the policies of the University of Twente. The employee participation bodies form an important bridge between the boards and society. They play an important role in good times and, perhaps more importantly, in difficult times.

Click on the video below that shows why you should put yourself forward as a candidate for 2024!

People make participation work

Good participation is of great importance for the functioning of our university. Whether you are an employee or student your contribution and ideas about UT-policy is essential: your opinion, endorsement, or advice matters. Obviously, your input differs from that of policymakers, but it represents your department, colleagues or faculty and is therefore essential. Employee participation is a place where you take responsibility, discuss policy-related topics, work with and meet new people, and contribute to an even better university.

Jan-Laurens Lasonder, Director service LISA

Participation in decision-making is not a mandatory subject, it’s about meaningful collaboration'

Jan-Laurens Lasonder, Director service LISA

Three rights of participation bodies

The role of the participation bodies in the decision-making process of the UT is to discuss decisions, proposals and other documents with the respective boards. In this process the participation bodies share their reflections from the perspective of the employee and student and shed their light on the consequences for the workplace and the learning, teaching, and research processes. 

To perform their job properly every participation council has three rights:

Right of consent

Some proposals from the board can only go ahead if they are approved by the participation council. 

Right of advice

As a participation body you can provide the board with strong arguments or advice - solicited and unsolicited - to change and influence decisions.

Right of initiative

In addition to giving advice and consent on policy proposals from the board, a participation body can also propose new ideas themselves. 

You get something in return - literally

As a participation member you will contribute to an even better university and improved education. You can put topics on the agenda and by doing so you will meet new UT-colleagues and obtain a whole different view on the UT.

Participation Compensation Scheme

Besides the unpaid reward, there is an hourly compensation for employees. So that employees are released for their participation task. Employees receive a bonus for their participation work and students a monthly allowance. You can find information about this in the Participation Compensation Scheme.