What we represent

The Faculty Council (FC) represents the faculty’s students and employees. As part of the participative management approach in the faculty, the FC and Faculty Board work and collaborate on issues that are important for a transparent, inclusive and optimized faculty management. This is the reason why the FC consist of students and staff.  Depending on the issue, the FC sometimes just advice the FB while in other instances approval needs to be given by the FC.

Some of the issue that are on the table are amongst others;

As a FC we are critical and sometimes plays the role of devil’s advocate. This approach encourage all involved to consider different approaches in solving a problem, process, goals etc. It is furthermore of paramount importance that the voice of all, students and staff are heard, acknowledged and issues tabled and addressed. Therefore, the FC invites all to raise concerns on faculty issues and/or make suggestions or put new ideas/initiatives on the table. The Presidium of the Faculty Counci consisted of a chairman (Bram Schouwstra), a vice-chairman (Emiel Slootman) and a secretary (Bert Geerdink)

This year will be elections for new FC members. If you want to be part and has a desire to challenge issues, pursue quality, like to support the Faculties’ reputation and improve our study and working environment, then please, make yourself available!

               @ Election Page of Faculty of Science and Technology

For questions, advice, suggestions etc., you can approach any of the members of the FC or send a mail to fc-st@utwente.nl