Sciences & Technology Faculty Council (FC)

The Faculty Council S&T is a decentralized representative advisory body of the Faculty of Sciences & Technology part of the University of Twente. The council, consisting of 7 employees and 7 students, regularly consults with the Management Team of the Faculty of Sciences & Technology.
Since October 2018 the council decided the communication within the council will de done in English.
We have divided the tasks within the Faculty Council and we expect to be able to execute our participation in an enthusiastic manner in the coming year. If you have questions or comments for the Faculty Council, please send us an e-mail

ELECTIONS Faculty COUNCIL Science & Technology

Are you curious how other studies within the Faculty are organized? Or do you want to get acquainted with other cases within the faculty or University? The faculty council might be the right place for you!
Are you interested to be a part of the FC and to take part in the decisions that are made for our faculty? Please take part in the upcoming elections by sending an email on 7 April 2020 17:00h at the latest to The elections will take place from 31 May until 4 June 2021.

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