University Council 2023 - 2024

The University Council is the central employee and the student participation body of the University of Twente. The council has a say in UT policy at the central level. Each meeting cycle, the council consults with the Executive Board on various topics in public meetings. A meeting cycle consists of approximately 7 weeks. Check the UC meeting schedule for the complete overview. You can read a report of what was discussed in the plenary meetings between the University Council and the Executive Board in the University Council newsletter.

On this website, you can also find the meeting documents

In addition, the committee meetings are held with the portfolio holders (Executive Board members) separately. Within the University Council, a structure is in place whereby in preparation for the internal meeting, the topics are divided by content among three committees: the Committee on Education, Research and Students - pfh. Tom Veldkamp, the Committee on Finance, Personnel Policy and Management - pfh. Machteld Roos and the Committee on Strategy and Internationalisation - pfh. Vinod Subramaniam.

Every year, nine new studens join the University Council and every two years, nine new employees. So the Council's composition changes every year. And each council member represents a party. These are represented in the UC: Campus Coalition, UReka and DAS

Student section:

Sabin Kerwien Lopez (UReka), Robin Kamphuis (DAS), Tom Lamaker (DAS), Lydia Mak (UReka), Ethan Höfgen (UReka), Oliver Davies (UReka), Monique Willems (UReka), Ilse Ekkelkamp (UReka) and Bernard Mulder (DAS). 

Staff section:

Herbert Wormeester (CC), Hanneke Becht (CC), Cynthia Souren (CC), Pieter Boerman (CC), Emile Dopheide (CC), Wilma Dierkes (CC), Roberto Cruz Martinez (CC), Eline Marsman (CC). 

UC Registry:

Laila Tijink and Irena Olde Engberink.