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Faculty Council / Faculteitsraad ET

The Faculty Council of Engineering Technology represents its students and employees. We advise the management team of the faculty on various topics including research, education, wellbeing, housing, and finance. As a council, we collaborate closely with the Faculty Board, which whom we meet on a regular basis, as well as with other participatory bodies within our University. Our main objective is to protect the interests of staff and students of our faculty.

In the case of questions or remarks for the Faculty Council, you can reach us via fc-et@utwente.nl


The council consists of five employee and five student members. We represent the full faculty, and our employee and student members cover the different departments and educational programs of Engineering Technology. Feel free to contact one of the members in case you would like to ask a question or discuss something.

From left to right,  Pieter Worm, Lukas Raadschelders, Jouke van der Veen, Roel Schoorlemmer, Luna Claassen, Wouter Grouve, Anouk Bomers, Annemarie Bos-Lubbers, Irma Droste, Salomé Sanchez

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