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Check all video services and meet the video team of the University of Twente

Since January 1st, our departments (LISA, MC, CFM, and ITC faculty) have joined forces to provide good video services to support the hybrid way of working for education, research, and business operations.

Various new services have been developed, such as a Do It Yourself Video studio, teaching with the help of a lightboard, and is the video studio, equipped with modern hardware. The video team is now able to support various types of education and events. All new services and pilots that have been developed, are now online in the service portal.

Curious about what the Video team offers in terms of services, not only for education but also beyond? Please, go to utwente.nl/video or contact the Video team.

In the upcoming months, we will regularly update the service portal with news and images, so that the UT knows what we can do, how we can help, support or advise, so stay tuned!

Meet the video team:

Koen Hak


As Teamlead video services at the University of Twente, I can rely on my years of experience in the broadcast industry. My love for the media started in 1993 during my education at VEC in Deventer. At RTV Oost, Overijssel’s regional broadcaster, I was given every opportunity to develop myself as a cameraman, Master Control Room operator, and video editor. I worked as a user trainer for Building4Media, a manufacturer for broadcast software applications. My recent years I have been working as a freelancer broadcast consultant for international customers and as a freelance media specialist at the e-learning company Splintt in Utrecht.

Jhon Diepeveen


I have been working for many years at the University’s IT department, maintaining and supporting the telephone, network, and videoconference systems. 

In recent years fully involved in the video in the broadest sense of the word.
Support Livestream events, Videoconferencing, Lecture recordings, and Advice, are just a few examples. 

Timon Scholten


As a Member of the video team, I use my experience that I gathered over the years. Active in the film and broadcast scene since 2008 I started my career out as a freelance camera operator I worked for Several online media productions as well as national Television from live sports, to television programs.

In 2015 I started working at media company Studio MADin Almelo as DOP and editor. Studio MAD makes corporate and commercial work for companies in the Netherlands and abroad. At the beginning of 2021, I started working at the University of Twente.

My specialties lie in broadcasting and online video on a technical and creative level.

Martin Bosker


Working a long time for the University in different roles. Now working as a Video and Multimedia specialist in the video team, but also working for the TELT team for technology teaching and learning innovations. 

My specialties are helping to create creative video content, scripting, directing, and camera training/coaching.  

Merijn Reerink


At the Video Team and the M&C MediaLab, I'm your sparring partner for media projects of any kind. 

Are you looking to do something with animation, illustration, video, gamification, VR, AR, or looking for some really out-there ideas like interactive installations? I can support your project from early concept to final product. 

I am also available to help you design your physical, hybrid, and online events from the first concept to final execution. 

So get in touch if you’d like to talk about your next big idea. 

Robbert Janssen


As part of the Workplace Development Team of LISA, I keep track of the latest innovations in Microsoft Teams and Zoom and I deal with questions about these applications. Because these solutions are often used for recordings and live events, I am also part of the Video team.

I have worked for 8 years as an IT employee in the healthcare sector. Here I carried out system administration, solved user problems, looked for new IT solutions, and helped implement them. In February 2020, I started working at the University of Twente.

If you want to use Teams or Zoom during a recording or event, I can think along with you, test possible scenario’s and answer your questions.

Job Duim


With 24 years of history at the ITC faculty, I am the Audio-Visual Technician at the faculty and a member of the video team of the UT. Responsible for managing and operating ITC’s Studio and Auditorium, for multi-camera events, video editing, online conferencing and live streaming from multiple locations and infrastructure for hybrid teaching. I am also involved and interested in all kinds of multimedia projects.

Feedback in any way is welcome, and it allows us to improve our services.