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Video Team update: UT Online Open days

Online Open Days

On the 19th and 20th of November, the UT is organising the Online Open Days where prospective students get to know the UT and it’s study programmes. The Video Team has worked closely with Marketing Communication in a variety of ways. 

Each study programme is broadcasting its own live stream on the UT Live platform. The Video Team has helped optimise these presentations with advice and training on how to get the best results with the available hardware. In addition, the Video Team provides creative advice on how to best compose the available on-screen elements. The expert advice raises the quality level of the broadcasts and gives the study programme teams confidence in their show. 

The Remote Student

The Remote Student is another programme section during the Open Days. This is essentially a mobile studio that can broadcast from any location on campus. This allows viewers to see the campus live despite not being able to be here physically. 

The Video Team supplies part of the equipment necessary for the Remote Student as well as advice on what rental equipment is necessary to realise a successful mobile and outdoors live stream. 

Finally, the Video Team creates high quality pre-recorded content for the Open Days. The Online Open Days require a lot of content. Some of which is realised live but we also need promotional video’s, trailers and other pre-recorded video content. 

The volume of content required for the Open Days means that budgets don’t always stretch sufficiently to hire external production companies for everything. In its current refreshed form, the Video Team has the equipment, know-how and experience to produce video at a high standard of quality with a very quick turn-around time. Marketing & Communication (and other UT units) are increasingly looking towards the Video Team as the preferred partner for video productions. 

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