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This webpage contains the translated Regulations, Codes of Conducts and Instructions for UT Staff members. These translations are meant as a service to non-Dutch speaking employees of the UT. However, in case of a difference of interpretation, these translations cannot be used for legal purposes. In those cases the Dutch texts as can be found on the Dutch UT Staff Manual are binding.

Regulations and codes of conduct

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Ancillary activities
Regulations regarding paid or unpaid work outside the university job
Assessment regulations
Assessment regulations for employees
Bonus and allowance scheme
Overview of different bonus and allowance types
CCTV monitoring regulations
Regulations regarding the use of security cameras
Complaints procedure
Prodecure for submitting and handling complaints
Continuing education
Regulations concerning continuing education for employees
Cyber Safety
General information about online privacy and safety
Declaring expenses
Regulations on how declare expenses
Educational leave
Scheme for special leave with educational purposes
General conditions for student assistants and on call workers
Conditions for students working through UT Flex
Implementing rules on intellectual property
Rules on inventions and copyright-protected works of UT employees
Jubilee regulations
Rules for long service jubilee bonusses
Leave regulations
Overview of all types of leave available
Life course savings scheme (registration not possible anymore)
Scheme with regard to saving for and taking life-course leave
Optional model for employment conditions (KAT) and 30% ruling
Explanation and rules regarding the optional model for employment conditions
PDEng Charter
Charter for PDEng students at the UT
PhD charter
Charter for PhD students at the UT
Reimbursement for participations bodies (Dutch)
This document is only available in Dutch.
Relocation & commuting
Regulations for relocation and travelling to work
Reporting irregularities
Information on how to report irregularities and legal protection
Tenure Track memorandum
Fast-track for talented scientists


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