Ruxandra Vulpoiu from Romania

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I wished for an international experience since forever and it took me a while to set up my mind to it. After one year at the University of Twente I can proudly say I made the best decision. The Netherlands is a country that is very easy to adapt to. People are friendly, patient and the biggest advantage: everybody speaks English.


The Master’s in Computer Science is very practical and up-to-date to the newest technologies. So far, I’ve studied a variety of topics like data analysis, software architecture, machine learning, cloud computing and testing. A lot of emphasis is put on self-study and projects, which taught me how to learn and how to manage myself better to get everything done in time. I never had to learn anything by heart and that made the exams practical and fair.

Everything I've learned so far I have to put into practice. This is a perfect way to simulate projects in real life


As an international student, I find the Software Technology specialisation as a very broad and complete one. The mandatory courses cover the most important phases of software development process, such as requirements, architecture, maintenance and quality assurance. I also learned the latest technologies to choose from according to project's needs and areas of application.

At the moment, being in my second year of master's, I am doing a semester project for which I have to put into practice everything I’ve learned so far. I believe it’s the perfect way to simulate projects in real life and offer students confidence in what they’ve learned.

A big advantage of any programme in Computer Science is that lot of emphasise is put on studying the newest developments of the domain, which I believe is crucial for people working in IT. And it helps even more that teachers complete the study curricula with personal experiences.


The campus is amazing! It has anything you could wish for to get you into a study mood. You can lie outside on the grass with your books and notes or sit in the library near the window by the lake. Every week there are activities organised by Dutch and international students, ranging from country presentations and international food tasting to movie nights, concerts and themed parties. Or you can organise yourself by going for a swim inside or outside, playing volleyball in the sand or climbing up the tallest building in the campus.


The best part remains the international experience. I’ve met people from all over the world and it was not a rare event to find myself in a group where each of us was from a different culture. In the past year, a lot of things have happened around the world and it was really eye-opening to discuss those events with students that come from those countries and who understand the situation best.

Last, but not least, you will fall in love with biking, may there be sunny, rainy or stormy weather. Enschede is a very well organised city on that matter, which makes riding the bike a safe and pleasurable way of transportation. I honestly never felt so eager to get up and go to school in the morning.

This is my second and last year of the Master’s and I already feel gloomy that it eventually has to end. I totally recommend the UT to anybody that is eager to learn and get out of his cultural bubble. You will meet excellent teachers, friendly fellow students and lots of opportunities for self-development.

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